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ATOM MAN vs. SUPERMAN / Chapter 13 - "Atom Man's Flying Saucers" - 1950

Here's the Columbia 15 Chapter serial of ATOM MAN vs. SUPERMAN from 1950. The story involves Lex Luthor and his teleportation device, he also assumes the new identity of Atom Man in his plan to take over things.

It stars Kirk (WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE, BEGINNING OF THE END) Alyn, Noel (INVASION, U.S.A.) Neill, Lyle (PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE) Talbot, Tommy (Butch in OUR GANG) Bond and Pierre (IT! THE TERROR FROM BEYOND SPACE) Watkin.

Yeah, and SUPERMAN even had his own radio program, ah, the good old days.

So, here we go, chapter 13 here we come!.. Whoa! Looks like the Atom Man even has, some... Flying.. Saucers??!.. Hey Madge! C'mere and check this out!

These guys work for Lex Luthor aka Atom Man. They have taken their truck van with another sinister weapon of Luthor's inside to the Daily Planet building (which looks like a dump compared to the one in ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN) and turns on the beam.

It makes all the electrical items in the offices turn into weapons!! Freakin' genius!! Lois and Jimmy have fun trying to figure what's going on!

For me, this is the perfect changing place for the man of steel at the office!

Perry, Supe, Lois and Jimmy react to the disruption. Superman wants to go to a certain office and get the goods on the criminals.

Luthor has the Daily Planet bugged and clears out with all the important papers before Superman gets there.

He then uses a special coin to teleport him and his pal back to his headquarters.

And they have a big laugh as they watch on their televiewer, Superman simply cannot find any damning evidence in the office. 

You will find the most impressive explosions of cars and trucks in the movies! This was a truck baited to blow up Lois and Jimmy but is thwarted by Superman. A few seconds after the explosion, one of the tires hits the ground and rolls around a bit, Holy Cow, flying fenders too!!

All the scenes, except for close ups, of Superman flying are cartoons, which makes him look more impressive, but are obviously, drawings.

The old televiewer is working overtime, Clark and Lois are up in a plane searching for clues to the whereabouts of Atom Man's hideout. What a perfect time to use a flying saucer bomb to get rid of two problems, namely, those nosey reporters.

The flying saucer is also a cartoon, here's a good look at it.

Lois is starting to realize that something's coming straight at them!

And it hits their plane square, and there's a giant explosion!.......

Just do what the card says and they're won't be any problems!

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KD said...

My second favorite serial (after Captain Video) is ATOM MAN VS. SUPERMAN, with the best Luthor of the silver screen, played by the amazing Lyle Talbot! The late, great stuntman and actor Paul Stader has a choice role as Lawson in chapters 1 through 4, sent via teleportation by Luthor to wander in the "Empty Doom" (a kind-of Phantom Zone)! Very cool and creepy sequence!

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