Saturday, February 27, 2021

SATURDAY NIGHT ON SATURN - 21 Records That Look Like Sci-Fi Soundtracks But Aren't

 A couple of years ago I downloaded this huge file of one million unsorted record covers from the internet archive. I've deleted about half of them, but it's truly amazing how many records have been made in a fairly short amount of time. So, this is a bunch I've found that look like movies but aren't!
This was a digital release by Coming Soon!!! in 2014.
The Wait is Over!

This German album called "Servitors Of The Gods" by The Black Explosion came out in 2012!

This French Album by Christian Clozier came out in 1992.

This 2012 seven inch surf single looks legitimately 1965.

This two CD Australian release of various artists came out in 1999.
It looks like Dr. Who in Las Vegas!

This 2009 three song EP from Russia called "FLAME" looks like an upcoming adventure from somewhere!

Maybe if Jerry Warren had made a Sci-Fi movie called "The Mothership."

This 1958 LP by Les Baxter looks like it could have been the soundtrack for "Missile To The Moon."

Is it Outer Limits and Outer Space or is it Out Of Limits and Out Of Space?

This 2014 digital release is a soundtrack without a movie. 
How's that work?
This 2010 disco single from Argentina looks like some unknown Czechoslovakian movie from the 1960's.

This Hawkwind record looks like an episode of "Flash Gordon."

This 2012 Belarus digital release looks like it's from a movie called "Star-Sub."
And Thanx to Randall Landers for the link to this page that's all about 'em!!

This 2010 album by The Sword called "Warp Riders" looks like a 60's Sci-Fi paperback.

Maybe they thought there was a movie to go along with this 1997 LP when they made it.

People in England have been waiting 21 years for this to become an actual movie!

This 2001 German CD came out after there were a whole bunch of Perry Rhodan radio shows released on cassette in the 80's.

This 2008 mini-album CD has a song on it called "Space Elevator."

This 2014 Australian digital release of various artists was one of many with the same theme. Could have fooled me that there wasn't a movie called "Primal Drive."

This last one is one of my favorite album covers. I had this 1976 French record by Patrick Vian until somebody offered me a nice price for it that I couldn't turn down.


Randall Landers said...

Fantastic artwork and some really great music. Wish I could use some of Les Baxter's work in our fan films.

BTW, submarines in space? Check this page out:

EEGAH!! said...

Thanx for the link Randall, I'm going to add it to the info on that record. Cool stuff. Love the pulp covers.

Randall Landers said...

I'll love pulp covers forever. :)

krd said...

Me too! Pulp covers are amazing! I have several 1950s pulps, and some older (30s-40s) as well. The older ones are falling apart a bit, though.

I love all of these album covers!

krd said...

Re: "Wish I could use some of Les Baxter's work in our fan films."

Most of the time, there's not a problem with using existing music, as long as you're not making money with your film, and cite the source on YouTube. Or limit the circulation of your film. Heck, in the '70s, everyone used whatever music they wanted and never got in trouble at all.

The more high-profile ST fanfilms (Crawley's, etc.) used Goldsmith/Horner/misc TOS music all the time. Their use is even listed under the original composers' IMDb profiles!

Just my two cents.

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