Friday, February 5, 2021

LOONEY TUNES / "Porky's Road Race" - 1937

Here's one that I saw many times back in the fifties on TV, a little Frank Tashlin gem written by Tedd Pierce and stars good old Porky Pig in his early days...

Boy, what a deal with the prize money! Movie stars are out in force here and they include popular actors like Charlie Chaplin, W. C. Fields, Boris Karloff and others. The voice talent are Elvia Allman, Dave Barry, Mel Blanc, Billy Bletcher, Joe Dougherty and Tedd Pierce.

Porky is soooo proud of his midget racer, even with it's two little puny cylinders!

W. C. Fields has already had a run in with Charlie Chaplin and sees a damsel in distress. It's Edna May Oliver (the original Miss Jane Hathaway), and her car isn't running very good at all just before the big race.

Then we see Borax Karoff hard at work on his sleek black number 13, with its 36 cylinder engine. He really enjoys his oil!

And, the race is on!!!

It's not long before Borax pulls out tacks and torpedo bombs to get rid of the competition.

Edna May is being passed by the other racers so quickly, that...

Her car is eventually stripped of its parts and she's now cruising on a frame and wheels!

It seems impossible, but Porky's little racer overtakes Borax's mighty speedster!

While going through a tunnel though, Porky ends up in number 13 and Borax ends up in Porky's little racer. Borax gets to the draw bridge first and pulls the lever that raises the bridge.

Porky hits the ramp and flies through the air, and beats Borax by a nose at the finish line!

After Borax crashes, the ambulance comes and they take Porky's damaged racer away, leaving our villain just laying there!!

So, just before the judges put the winner's crown on Porky's head...

Edna May comes flying through the coronation crowd and the crown gets put in its proper place!! You go girl!.. Check in tomorrow with Eegah!!, here at The Dungeon!

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