Friday, February 26, 2021

ULTRAMAN / "The Science Patrol To Outer Space" - 1966

In this wacky episode, Professor Mori is going to Venus in the rocket he invented. The Science Patrol is assigned to following him into space to insure that everything goes off without a hitch.

The professor checks in with the Science Patrol to inform them that all is well and he's on his way to Venus...

But unfortunately the transmission is interrupted by a message from a Baltan alien, to let Earth know that they're back to cause more trouble.

Professor Mori's mind has been taken over by the alien and he sends a horde of them to Earth.

The monsters arrive in a big blue bubble where they exit and go on the attack.

Patrolman Ide is flying in his rocket plane and pulls out his new weapon, the Mars 133. 

He takes aim and starts shooting the critters out of the sky, a handful at a time.

Okay, this shot here is my favorite, what a hoot! This is the way the individual Baltan monsters fall to the ground after being shot. 

In the meantime, Hayata and other crew members rescue Professor Mori from his rocket and head back to Earth. But, the Professor causes them to crash on the undiscovered Planet R!

Then a Baltan shows up and grows to giant size...

It uses its claws like a leaf blower and after the Science Patrol's rocket is pushed around, Hayata changes into our giant hero, Ultraman!

After a brief battle with the Baltan, Ultraman uses a special slicing blade trick.

And it slices the ugly old monster right in half!! Pretty damn cool.

Back on Earth though, the Baltans have started another round of deadly attacks, this time targeting fuel depots in the city.

So, Ultraman uses a special teleporting device and leaves Planet R to appear on Earth to battle the invaders.

And the last Baltan gets sliced in half just like the other one, bringing our episode to an end. Check in tomorrow for more fun from The Dungeon Gang!!..

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Randall Landers said...

i honestly don't think I've seen this one! Time to go find it on YouTube. I really want to see the saw blade ray thing cut the Baltans in half. LOL!

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