Wednesday, February 10, 2021

THE GREEN HORNET STRIKES AGAIN! - "Flaming Havoc" (1940)

A couple of weeks ago, it was "The Green Hornet," and tonight's Wild Wednesday offering is the rest of the story, or "The Green Hornet Strikes Again!"
It's basically the same thing all over again, but for this series, there would be fifteen chapters instead of thirteen! But there is one major difference....................

............................Three of the main characters, Kato, Lenore Case, and Michael Axford as played by Keye Luke, Anne Nagel, and Wade Boteler remain the same, but The Green Hornet/Britt Reid is now played by Warren Hull instead of Gordon Jones.

Britt Reid is just trying to take off a little time to relax in Hawaii after those last thirteen harrowing episodes, but as fate would have it...........

......................everything is going to Hell while he's away, and the guy he left in charge is also the guy behind it all!

He needs to get back as soon as possible!

I don't think I've ever seen a fight scene before that included seven guys in one car!
As much as I love black and white films, I have to admit a beautiful Hawaiian sunset does lose some of it's luster.

Britt Reid and Kato are able to escape from the thugs that captured them, and now it's time to get back to the mainland! 

Warren Hull's real name was John Warren Hull, and he had three sons who were named
John, George, and Paul! Now how's that for a fact?
Once they get on the ship to go back home, everything should be all right!!

But of course it's not, and the ship is quickly becoming engulfed in flames!

It's now one big freak and panic show!
Talk about your "Flaming Havoc!" I guess so!

And it's also time to abandon ship! Damn! Is nothing simple and easy?

All those kids left on the edge of their seats, will just have to wait a week, and come back and pay again if they want to know how it will be possible that "The Green Hornet" and Kato can escape this deadly death trap! Gee Whiz, I even want to know!

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