Friday, February 19, 2021

THE THREE STOOGES / "Movie Maniacs" - 1936

Here we go again, in this Stooge adventure, the boys go to Hollywood to get in on the movie scene, but it isn't as easy as they think and they only create mayhem on the set after getting their big break in the movie business!

Hmmm, two things... First, Curly's name is misspelled on this one. Secondly, I just noticed that Shemp was born on March 17th, same as me!

The boys are going to Hollywood in a box car full of movie props. Moe is feeling lucky and tells Larry to iron his white slacks so that he can look sharp when they go looking for a job. But Larry messes it all up and covers up his mistake with white paint! Moe conks him on the head for his effort...

After washing up, Moe says that it feels great to be clean, Curly is flipping a pancake and he can't find it. Moe asks, you mean you lost it!! He looks up and it hits him square in the face after being stuck on the ceiling. So much for feeling clean.

They show up at Carnation Pictures, I'd bet that a lot of people don't even get the joke.

The head of the studio is Fuller Rath, played by the great Bud Jamison. He finds out that three new executives are showing up today to head up their productions...

The Stooges get past the guard by pretending to be from the newspaper and asking him to pose for a photo. The other guard comes out and asks his partner what he's doing!

The boys run into an office where Fuller tells them that he's glad to see them, thinking that these are his new execs. The guard shows up but quickly leaves after he sees the boss gladly greeting them! The boys don't know what to think!

So, the boys go to the set where they're filming a movie. Moe hands the director a note stating that they are in charge of the production now... Oh boy!!

Moe interrupts a scene where the actors are supposed to kiss. He tells them that they know nothing about kissing!

Moe says that the actors are not animated enough, so Larry and Curly show them what to do with their arms...

It gets a little weird here... The man says, but darling, I have no money!.. Larry reaches into his pocket and pulls out a bill. Curly snatches it away from him and... Check out the face on the lady and the placement of her arms! It's like, I dare you to stick that in my bra!!!

So, that's it for the director and the actors, and they storm off the set. Now the boys have to come up with plan B.

Curly plays the lady and Larry plays the man. It's ham-it-up time, and for the scene's climax, Curly jumps into the lap of Larry, who's seated on a chair, and they crash to the floor! Moe yells, CUT, and he cannot get over the terrific acting by Larry and Curly!

Yeah well, the boss finds out that the real executive won't actually show up until tomorrow, he grabs the security guards and they head for the set.

The boys destroy the place trying to get away from Fuller and the guards.

They get outside and find a good place to hide. Unfortunately, it's the lion cage and it's a merry chase to the finish. Love this episode! Check in again tomorrow for more cool junk...


krd said...

MOVIE MANIACS sounds just like us! ALLLLL of us on this here blog site!

I used to tell my friends to bury me with one of my favorite old Super 8 film cameras from the very early '70s (since shooting and editing digital video has just never felt quite right for me), but now that I've gotten into collecting old *film* movie cameras as a side hobby, y'all just need to dump a half-dozen old cameras in with me (mostly Super 8, but I've got a few 16mm cameras too).

Ahem, meanwhile back to the Three Stooges...(shut up k)! *ahem*

krd said...

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