Saturday, January 30, 2021

MOCKINGBIRD LANE - "Unaired Pilot" (2012)

Today's Saturday Night Special falls a little short in the "Special" department, in fact, I didn't really enjoy it much at all. I don't know whose brilliant idea it was to remake The Munsters as completely different characters, and I'm too lazy to look it up, because I really just don't care!
It's called "Mockingbird Lane" and is either a TV movie or a failed pilot from the year 2012, depending on who you talk to. Either way, it's probably really something that just should have never happened.

The best part of the forty minutes is imagery like this!

This is the house that's for sale at 1312 Mockingbird Lane, and Marilyn Munster is there to look at it.

But what she really likes and wants is the dilapidated olde mansion across the street at 1313 Mockingbird Lane, an address we're all familiar with.

She's told by the realtor that the house is scheduled for demolition and, and is not for sale, but she ends up getting her way.

They do a fake out at first, and Herman is standing in front of a hanging deal that makes him look like he has the standard Frankie electrodes in his neck, but when he steps away, we see he looks pretty much like a normal guy, except with severe stitching on his neck.

Jerry (Stand By Me) O'Connell is Herman Munster. Jerry was also the star of the cool TV show called "Sliders."

British actress Charity (Burlesque Fairytales) Wakefield has the role of Marilyn Munster, and is probably the best character in the show!

1313 Mockingbird Lane needs a little TLC!

 Lilly Munster makes a rather flamboyant entrance!

 The very lovely Portia (Dead & Breakfast) de Rossi has the role of Lily Munster. 
Calm down boys, Portia is the wife of Ellen DeGeneres.
Eddie (Across The Universe) Izzard has the role of Grandpa, so you can see the problem is not a lack of talent!

Somebody's at the door!

The whole premise of the story is that little Eddie is maturing, and Lily has to try and explain to him that he is a werewolf. Eddie had no memory of it, but at the very beginning of the show, he appears to slaughter his whole boy scout troop while on a camping field trip. Eddie Munster is played by Mason (The Lone Ranger) Cook.

The shots of the house are always great!

It's fairly traumatic for Eddie to know that he is a werewolf, especially since he wants to be a vegetarian.

Grandpa shows his true colours in the end, and......

.........Eddie gets a dog to make him happy!

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