Saturday, February 6, 2021

WHOEVER SLEW AUNTIE ROO? - "She's Taking A Stab At Motherhood!" (1972)

This week's Saturday Night Special is a demented movie from 1972 titled "Whoever Shot Auntie Roo?" It was also later released as "Who Shot Auntie Roo?" which rolls off the tongue better!
It's pretty obvious to the viewer who did it, but the locals in the film just can't quite figure it out!

'The Blonde Bombshell' Shelly (Silence Of The Hams) Winters is Auntie Roo!
Auntie Roo has personal problems!

I've owned this DVD for years, and I don't know why I never did this film during the Christmas season, because it really is a Christmas movie, a sick Christmas movie, but a Christmas movie just the same!

Auntie Roo has a daughter who isn't feeling very well, in fact she's dead, but Auntie Roo still keeps her around for seven mental reasons!

Every year at Christmas time, Auntie Roo invites a few of the good kids from the local orphanage to come spend a couple of days and nights with her to celebrate the holidays! These two brats were not on the good list, but they stowed away in the trunk of the car bringing all the other kids, and since Auntie Roo is so loving, she demands that they stay anyway!

In a flashback scene, we find out what happened to Auntie Roo's daughter. She was sliding down the handrail of the stairs and...............

.........Fall down, go Splat!!

Auntie Roo never quite got over it!

This little girl looks like she would make a good substitution for her lost daughter!

Auntie Roo's man servant and this charlatan clairvoyant have been playing her with fake séances, and relieving her of the burden of having any cash!
Auntie Roo's dead husband was a magician, and she still has his magic stuff stored in this room!

One of his tricks involved a guillotine!

When Christmas is over, all the kids go back to the orphanage but the bad little brother and sister are no where to be found! The local constable searches Auntie Roo's house just to make sure everything is on the up and up, but comes up empty handed!

Auntie Roo has the kids stashed away, and finally has a chance to be herself!

The kids believe that Auntie Roo is a witch like in the story of "Hansel and Gretel," and are convinced that she is planning on eating them, so they do what any kid would do..................

.............They lock her in a room, and set the house on fire!

The two happy little murderers are Mark (Sudden Terror) Lester as Christopher Coombs, and Chloe (The House That Dripped Blood) Franks as Katy Coombs.

You used to be able to get this as a Shelley Winters double feature along with "What's The Matter With Helen?"
Questions, Questions, Questions, but never enough answers!


Grant said...

I made a point of seeing it last Christmas, along with TALES FROM THE CRYPT, which also has Chloe Franks. She might be the only child actress to be in two Christmas horror stories.

krd said...

I think this is about the only Curtis Harrington feature film in which the lovely Luana Anders doesn't appear!

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