Saturday, February 22, 2020

SEXY CAT - "This Kitten Doesn't Purr" (1973)

 It's 2-22-2020,
 so it must be time for a "Sexy Cat" Saturday Night Special!

 And that's just what I have for you! 

Let's just let the cat out of the bag, "Sexy Cat" is whack!

 Pure and simple, this film was made in Spain, but it has an English title, and as far as I can discern, it was never released in the U.S. or with a Spanish title!

 "Sexy Cat" is a fictitious comic book for adults, a Fumetti as it were! 

 The creator of "Sexy Cat" is getting reamed. The comic is SO popular, they're creating a TV show, and he's not getting squat! He tries to hire a private detective to get him his fair share, but he really doesn't have much money. The Detective is a standup guy, and takes the case just to help out the little guy!

 Unfortunately for a lot of people get involved, there's some character dressed up like a real life "Sexy Cat," and the person is also a homicidal maniac!

 The poor guy who hired the Detective is the first victim!

 The eerie part is that he is killed the same way as the title of the next issue of "Sexy Cat."

 Yep, his throat was slit with a Venetian Dagger!
Okay, that's weird!

  Germán Sánchez Hernández-Cobos is Detective Mike Cash!
I like this guy! He's not real handsome, smart, athletic, or clever, but he's cool, and not a quitter! Even though his client got murdered, he's still going to try and find out what the Hell is going on!

 I like to take pictures of all of you. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone what you were doing!

 The gal who is playing "Sexy Cat" on the TV show is the next victim!
Of course this is what happened also in the next issue of "Sexy Cat."

 There is no way in Hell I would let them do this to me, and I got pretty turned off when it looks like they really kill the snake! Obviously it wasn't really poisonous!

 For those of you who have never taken a drawing class, this IS exactly what it's like!
That has got to be the best outfit I've seen lately!

 Even the poor kid in the wheel chair follows "Sexy Cat's" adventures on a regular basis!
Who is next, the story on the cover of the next issue is "The Synthetic Death." It's not going to be pretty. Just for the record, "Sexy Cat" is not really for kids. There's a meager amount of sex, but all the murders are quite graphic, and death by suffocation is not very pleasant.

 Fake Out!
When it looks like something is going to happen, it's not real, it's the TV show they're shooting.

 Every time there's a murder, by the luck of the draw, Mike Cash is there, and the police investigator is starting to annoy him with his questions.

 After all kind of cat and mouse tactics, it's finally revealed that.......

 .......The murderer is someone dressed up like "Sexy Cat," because like, there is no real "Sexy Cat!"

 So just stop the whole damn thing! Stop IT!

And in the "Department Of Let's Just Do Anything The Hell We Want," here's a VHS box for this film that doesn't have even one thing to do with the movie!
Ridiculous! It's not a movie about a freakin' cat!


Randall Landers said...

looks interesting! Will keep my eye out for it!

Grant said...

I'm very glad about that warning in the middle - not the snake part in general (I'm crazy about them), but the snake GETTING KILLED part.
A snake getting killed for real (at least I THINK it does) is the one thing that keeps me away from CASTLE OF BLOOD (normally an Italian horror film with Barbara Steele is just about perfect to me, but that's the big drawback).

EEGAH!! said...

No, we don't condone cruelty to any living things except murderers, cheaters, and liars, and especially not just for a cheap shot in a movie! It was a real turn off for me!

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