Saturday, February 15, 2020

COLOMBO - "Fade In To Murder" (1976)

 Tonight we've got a Saturday Night Special that truly lives up to it's name, a very special episode of the TV series "Colombo!"

 They decided to start Season Six off in 1976 with a bang, and that's just what they did!
This episode was titled "Fade In To Murder," and was a story about a very popular TV detective, who was also a conniving and ruthless murderer in real life!

The TV detective is played by none other than The Shat himself in one of his many memorable roles. His name is Ward Fowler and on TV, he's known as Detective Lucerne.

 This might be Peter Falk's show, but William Shatner owns this episode! Ward Fowler is unhappy with his domineering Producer Clare, and he's about ready to do something about it! Clare Daley is played by lovely Lola (The Monolith Monsters) Albright. Lola Albright was also a singer and played Peter Gunn's girlfriend, torch singer Edie Hart in 84 episodes of "Peter Gunn."

 Any William Shatner fan will enjoy this show I guarantee!

 As Ward Fowler, he sneaks into one of the prop rooms to borrow a gun to use as a murder weapon.

 It's just mesmerizing to watch Bill do his thing!

 He also stole some clothes from the costume department!

Now, it's just starting to get good. Next up is "The World's Greatest Sinner" himself, Timothy Carey as the coffee shop owner named Tony.

 Ward Fowler's got it all figured out!

 The dirty bastard shoots Clare right in the back, and kills her!

 There's a cool picture hanging on the wall in Tony's place of Ward, Tony, and Clare in happier times.

 During the investigation, the bumbling Colombo stumbles onto the set of the TV shoot.

 As it turns out, Colombo is a big fan of Detective Lucerne, and has seen every episode of the show!

 Because of that fact, Colombo is thrilled to have Detective Lucerne help him on this case!

 Ward Fowler just keeps on working it, and getting everything set just perfect!

 Colombo has to go to Universal Studios to ask some questions.

 It's like some kind of magical train wreck to watch Bill Shatner work the room!

 He's leading Colombo around by the nose, and then it happens!

 He gets caught!

And as it turns out, the buffoon Colombo is the genius, and Lucerne is just a fictional character played by a mediocre actor! What a great show, and why not? It was directed by Dungeon legend, Bernie Kowalski.
Big shout out to Lord Litter in Berlin for pointing this one out to me!!


Randall Landers said...

No doubt about it. The Shat was where it was at.

EEGAH!! said...

You got dat right!

Grant said...

This one has one of the best lines that a killer says to Columbo -
"Why don't we stop pretending that I'm a genius and you're simple?"

That's the attitude that most of them must have had along the way.

EEGAH!! said...

Good one Grant!

K said...

Aww gee. I'm more of a Nimoy man fan meself, but I loved The Shat in Roger Corman's anti-racism movie, THE INTRUDER. Shatner's best performance of his entire career, IMHO! He's almost as scary as he was in Turnabout Intruder! ;)

Grant said...

Of course, Leonard Nimoy himself played the killer in a very good Columbo episode, "A Stitch In Crime."

EEGAH!! said...

Yep, and The Shat is in another episode too!

K said...

I've only seen maybe 2 or 3 Columbo episodes...I guess in the 1970s I was watching Larry Buchanan movies and Irwin Allen reruns! ACK! :) Maybe when me and the missus retire and relocate later this year, I'll get a chance to watch more of a variety of goodies like this!

EEGAH!! said...

I didn't even own a TV back in 1976, so I never really watched them either, but I guess that's no excuse since it was on into the late 90's. Either way, if this episode is a good example, I'm looking forward to watching a lot more.

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