Friday, February 14, 2020

THE THREE STOOGES / Dizzy Pilots - 1943

Here's one where the boys get a month deferment to develop and test their new airplane, The Buzzard, for a government grant, or, be inducted into the Army.

So, our little morons the Wrong Bros. get their deferment, what could possibly go wrong?

Oh boy!.. The boys can only dream of their futures as airplane builders, Moe especially.

Of course Moe ends up in the hot tar Larry's mixing and they can't get it off. Moe instructs them to hook him up to the hydrogen tank, fill him up and then cut away the strips. Larry turns on the gas but doesn't have a clue as to what he's doing, he's just turning all the knobs, and the look on his face.

Hey Moe!.. Whadda'ya doin' up there?!

Moe eventually floats through a ventilation hole in the roof and heads for the clouds.

Curly grabs a rifle but Larry tells him to use a shotgun instead, you know, just to make sure that he hits him!

And then, Moe is hung up on the propeller of The Buzzard and ends up in the tar tub. And Curly says... Well, here we go again!

It's the day of the test and two government men are there to watch the event. First thing out of the shoot, The Buzzard barely gets off the ground because of instability. Damn, it must have been so much fun to make these Stooges shorts back in the day.

The boys manage to make it into the sky somehow but everything breaks and their dreams of aero pioneering are dashed into a million pieces.

This episode has that classic boot camp scene with the drill Sergeant, reused in another title.

We end with the boys ducking out a back lot at Columbia Pictures... Check back tomorrow to see what Eegah!! has going on!


K said...

Looking at the pics of this, I vaguely recall watching it with my dad. He was an aircraft mechanic/pilot-in-training for the Army Air Corps in WWII.

When I was a kid, we went to visit the Wright-Patterson aircraft museum in Ohio. Dad saw a P-47-D Thunderbolt parked on exhibit, and he went over to it and acted like he was going to yank the propeller to start it up! I took a photo of him, lol. And in one of the last photos I took of him soon before he passed in 1992, he wore his t-shirt with a beloved Thunderbolt in action.

So to tie up my story in a nice bow, back in about 1958-59 I guess, Dad took me to the famous Steel Pier in Atlantic City, New Jersey, where the Three Stooges (the real Moe and Larry, and "Curly" Joe DeRita) were performing up on stage in the auditorium, to a sea of kiddos like me. He started to take me inside to find a seat, but I wouldn't budge! He reminded me that up on the stage were my "buddies" I watched on TV every day...but I didn't move! He asked me why, and I replied, "But Dad! If I go in there, Moe will see me and come down and poke me in the eyes!" So Dad didn't push me, I just stood there at the door for a minute or so, then we left. Dad recounted that story every time over the years (MANY!) when we saw the Stooges on TV. Crazy, huh?

EEGAH!! said...

Now that's a great story!!

K said...

Thanks, Eegah... :)

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