Wednesday, February 26, 2020

POPEYE FOR PRESIDENT - "All Hail To The Spinach" (1956)

 I like to avoid politics as much as possible on this blog, but I'm going to make an exception in this election year, because there is only one candidate I can give my full support to, and that's....


Popeye is the duly represented candidate for the "Spinach Party!"
In later years this would come to be known as the "Green Party!"

Bluto is giving out free cigars in exchange for votes!

All of Popeye's followers ditch him for free cigars!

Popeye stands by his record! (This probably only makes sense if you're 40 or older)

Bluto decides to take things into his own hands!

It turns out that the one deciding vote is by Miss Olive Oyl, but you can see that she has more important things to attend to!

Olive's got a Winter's worth of wood she needs to get chopped before she can think about anything trivial like an election!

Popeye takes care of that task in a hurry!

Olive needs her fields to be plowed!

Again, Popeye is the one that can do it the best!
(Yes, these are sexual innuendos lost on kids!)

The new President and First Lady by a landslide majority from a time when first you got the job done, then you bragged about it, instead of unfulfilled lies and promises!

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