Saturday, February 29, 2020

FOXY BROWN - "If You Don't Treat Her Nice She'll Put You On Ice!" (1974)

Tonight's Back in Black Saturday Night Special is a film that was written and directed by Jack Hill,  the same Jack Hill that wrote and directed "Spider Baby," so you know right of the gate that it's gonna be a bit twisted!

"Foxy Brown" is a classic piece of the year 1974. The 70's could be so outrageous you'd think it was all just made up, but the truth is, it was real, and I'm not sure society has ever recovered!

Pam Grier is, was, and will always be, Foxy Brown, and she's got good looks and lots of them, from these coveralls to cocktail dresses, Pam looks fine, all the time!

One of my favorite albeit brief shots, is when this dude goes flying over the top of this car like he was shot out of a catapult!

Pam can be, and look, mean and sassy......

.......Or she can look fine and classy!

Pam can do it all!

She gets beat up and still manages to crack this sucker over the head with a trash can!

She gets shot up with heroin and sexually abused, and still manages to torch these worthless drug-dealing scumsucking sumbitches!

Do it  Pam! They all deserve it!

Some of the other awesome actors in this film are Antonio Fargas as Foxy's degenerate back-stabbing rat of a brother Link Brown!

Tommy Chong has the role of the drug smuggling airplane pilot, and Sid Haig is also in there too, but I failed to get a shot of him.

They might be bad guys but they drive a pretty cool T-Bird!

This is the look you  get on your face when you have pressed the final button, and pushed Foxy Brown over the line! Tough shit pal, that's what you get for being a racist pig!

Foxy's got one more look, and an idea to go along with it!

Finally justice is served, like French fries with a cheeseburger!
It's kinda tough to watch Peter Brown play such an inert asshole after seeing him play all-around good guy sidekick to "The Lawman" for 115 episodes, but in this film, he absolutely deserves everything that happens to him, and it ain't gonna be pretty!

Pam Grier is currently on a show on ABC called "Bless This Mess," that's just getting ready to start it's second season.

 Hey speaking of blessing a mess, and a movie about social injustices, I know a guy who could really use some help these days. His name is Chris Phinney, and he's an artist and musician who has been kicking around since the 80's. Chris was struck while walking in Memphis last October by an uninsured motorist, and has been in a wheelchair ever since, and all he has are a ton of Doctor bills to show for it. If you can find a place in your heart to help a good person, then here's a Gofundme page started up by his daughter. Anything and everything will help. Thanks!

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K said...

Reminds me of my favorite movie promo line of the '70s: "T.N.T. Jackson! She'll put you in traction!" :)

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