Friday, February 7, 2020

DUNGEON POST #3000! - HOW TO CURE A PAIN IN THE NECK / Robert Tinnell: Monster Kid Home Movies - 1978

Here's another one of those Monster Kid Home Movies, keep on reading if you'd like to know how to cure a pain in the neck!..

Yeah, this is our 3000th post alright!

So, this cute little girl is walking down the street, minding her own business, when...

A Dracula shows up!.. Hey, it's daytime, leave it up to those stupid kids to change the rules!

Lil' Drac bites her on the neck, but, she seems to enjoy it in a curious sort of way. I wonder what kind of direction she got before they started shooting.

Then, our two heroes appear, they find the girl lying on the ground and after inspection, they determine that she has been bitten by a Dracula! One of them pulls out a cross, it's time to find that Dracula and destroy him... A cross is probably something a Monster Kid would have in his pocket on any given day.

The kids have a hunch to go to the basement. it's not long before the vampire attacks hero 1 from the shadows!!

The fight is on and the little bloodsucker seems to be winning the contest!

In a tricky move, our guy pulls out the cross, which incapacitates Drac.

Then they pull out the heavy artillery and drive a stake through the evil monster's heart. And, that's how you cure a pain in the neck!!

We end with this very cool felt cut out, post #3000 is on the books. Join us again tomorrow for post #3001, here, at The Dungeon!!..


K said...

Congrats on Post #3000!

Robert M. Lindsey said...

That's a lot of posts about trashy movies!

EEGAH!! said...

Indeed it is Robert! Who'd a thunk?

K said...

How to cure a pain in the neck? VISIT THE DUNGEON...whenever possible! :)

TABONGA! said...

That's sage advice coming from The K Man - Onward and Downward we go, and we'll never stop digging neither, Nancy!

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