Friday, February 28, 2020

BLOOD SUCKING BABES FROM BURBANK / They're Not Evil... Just Really Really Hungry! - 2007

This seems like a good time to get this one out of the way. In the story, a group of gung-ho archaeology students unearth a cursed jewel box in the Burbank mountains that turns females into blood-thirsty cannibals and guys into snacks.

Yes, good old Professor Stockwell's having an archeology (misspelled) seminar (field trip) in the Burbank mountains, and people are signing up!

Of course, the majority of the participants are cute girls with big boobs, because, you know, you wouldn't have much of a movie without that!

So, weird things start to happen alright, like, what's wrong with that babe's eyes and why is she drooling, and then, is that guy really dead or is he just faking it!

So, here's the deal, Angela's Jewel Box, an artifact created by the King's Sorceress, was lost by New World explorers in 1774 and is found by one of the students. And, it's having an effect on any female that touches the jewels... Makes total sense to me!

Somewhere in Burbank, these gals have been rubbing jewels all over themselves and start to turn on the goofy 'gardener' after he tells them he wants to chop the tree down there behind them! He quickly becomes their entree...

There's also some 'missing arm' drama at the beach wif' this metal detector totin' weirdo.

This dude is at some sleazy nite club out chasing tail, he thinks he's hot shit til he becomes the babes' next meal they chow down on. I guess that Burbank's one Hell of a place!..

Oh what the Eff... Let's get funky about the whole damn thing!.. C'mon Girls, strip!!

My choice as the hottest babe, well, she gets captured and tied up by the good guy, I think his name is Gary, and she squirms and squirms around on the bed for us. My favorite scene so far!

This is pretty funny. at the beach, this jerk gets paid to try and get the girls' jewel box away from them. As one of the babes kicks his ass but good, he keeps saying that he's just an actor, lady, which pisses her off even more! He's the textbook definition of a 'worm.'

OMG, low and behold!.. Gram Gram has the box now and is Queen of X-Ville! Where will the insanity end?!! I have to admit, that is one of my favorite cheap-Ass make up jobs, makes me think of Harry Thomas!

I'll end the month with my favorite shot from this nutty flick, man oh man oh man, that classic surfboard kicks royal ass! Those sexy curves are top notch too, looks like you could ride a wave forever and a day! So, tune in tomorrow for our very last post of February, where Eegah!! gets to choose what goes in the chamber, here at the Dungeon!..

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