Saturday, February 1, 2020

KOMISSAR X - DREI GELBE KATZEN - "Death Is Nimble, Death Is Quick" (1966)

This Saturday Night Special was the second of three "Kommissar X" flicks starring Tony Kendall and Brad Harris that were all made in 1966.

The first "Kommissar X film of 1966 was titled "Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill," and the third one was called "So Darling, So Deadly." This one is titled "Kommissar X - Drei Gelbe Katzen" and was released in English as "Death Is Simple, Death Is Quick." The real translation would be Three Yellow Cats, but it was never released with that title. There were at least three more "Kommissar X" movies in 1967, 68, and 69.

6' 4" Dan (High Plains Drifter) Vadis is a guy called King! He's a karate killer!
A big fit guy, Dan played Hercules in a couple of films, and somehow died at the age of 49 mixing alcohol and opiates! 

Whenever King gets ready to throw a death punch on somebody, he always has to put his headband on first. It's just part of the deal!

This poor bastard doesn't stand a chance.

Curly, Moe, and Larry are up to no good. The guy in the middle's nickname is Nitro, because he likes to carry little vials of the stuff around and blow up things.

Are they looking up at a hidden tape recorder, or are they just looking up?
Just in case you didn't know, that's Tony Kendall as Joe Louis Walker, aka Kommissar X on the left, and bad Brad Harris as Captain Tom Rowland on the right!

This transition shot is really surreal. This was a fate that was meant for Joe Walker!

Three movies in exotic places in one year. Seems like a pretty good gig to me!

I'd have to pass on running along the edges of rooftops though.

They waited all day to get this shot, but it was worth it!

They've got a whole army of trained fighters who are all women, but they never show them except when they're working out like this.

Sealed up behind bulletproof glass, and getting gassed would make almost anybody whine, and offer to give up their million dollars, but King doesn't care.

This Mexican lobby card shows King throwing the guy's dead body off the bridge and into the water.

Wow, I didn't know they had intercontinental video telecommunications back in 1966!

King tries to pull the same stunt on Tom Rowland, but Tom punches the bulletproof glass, and the gas escapes! What a stud!

King was putting on his headband and just getting ready to deliver the death blow to Tom Rowland when he decides he was an adversary worthy of a battle, so they head off to this holy temple inside a mountain.

It's a pretty good fight, but I guess since there's a few more movies, you know who is going to win.

The two lead female roles are Ann Smymer on the left, and Michèle Mahaut on the right.
 Ann Smymer was born in Denmark and was in some classic European favourites like "Reptilicus," "Journey To The Seventh Planet," "Mission Stardust," and "House Of A 1000 Dolls."
Michèle Mahaut was born in Vietnam, and was also in "Mission To Hell," and "Bikini Paradise" among her five film credits.
This is.....THE END!


W.B. Kelso said...

I truly hope that Arrow, Olive, Kino, or Severin or, hell, ANYBODY would get a complete boxset of the Kommissar X films someday.

EEGAH!! said...

Good Suggestion W.B. You'd think somebody would!

Grant said...

I know just what W.B. Kelso means. I have a box set of three, and they're in very so-so copies, but that doesn't keep them from being prized possessions. You definitely don't have to like Euro-spy films and "Bond rip-offs" to like KOMMISSAR X.

(Though I could swear my copy of this film is missing that scene with the video screen, so now I'm very curious about it.)

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