Friday, May 31, 2019

CIEN GRITOS DE TERROR / 100 Cries Of Terror - 1965

Here's my last Mexican Monster Movie for May, it goes like this... The film tells two stories equal in length, "Panic" is about adultery laced with murder, and "Supreme Fear," a tale of morbid claustrophobia, both dealing with the concepts of terror, fright, anxiety and dread.

"Panico" starts with a married couple moving into a home in a remote area surrounding Mexico City. But, unknown to them, there is someone (or, something) creeping around outside...

Then, they hear some screams and someone dragging something heavy down the hallway... Hubby finds some chains and the panic starts to set in!

Of all things, hubby needs to leave and take care of business, hmmm. After he leaves, this thing shows up and wifey faints and dies of fright!

It was all a plan to get rid of wifey and take a small treasure of jewels. His lover had dressed up as the monster but when they come back into the room, the dead wife's freakin' gone!

Now the two are hearing screams and and chains being dragged around. Dude leaves the room to search for the intruder and leaves girlfriend with a gun. After there's a scuffle outside the door, she fires off a few shots... OOOOPS!!

Anyway, girlfriend runs around and ends up in a room where wifey is lying dead, as before. When wifey moves and gets up, girlfriend actually dies of fright. She packs up the jewels and drives off into the night...

In "Miedo Supremo" there's a burial in a mausoleum, after the coffin is in place, the tomb is bricked up...

This guy goes to the burial but faints. After he wakes up, the place is locked up and now he can't get out.

He hears more of those 100 screams and realizes the person in the coffin isn't dead! He breaks the bricks away, pulls the coffin out and opens the lid. What we get is a freaked out woman with acute paranoia. He tries to help he but all she does is rant and rave and feel depressed.

Let's face it daddy-o, she's like, COO COO!!

In fact, she's downright MAD!! Look at that thing she's trying to stab the guy with!!

But, there comes the time you have to to defend yourself, like here, a nice choke will suffice. He kills her and bricks her back up in the musty old tomb.

When the workers come back in the morning and open the place up, he pays them to say that he was never there... Okay, that's the last Mexican Monster Movie in May, phew!!


EG-Markus said...

Ariadna Welter was the sister of Linda Christian. She made movies mostly in Spanish although she did star with her sister in THE DEVIL'S HAND. She was quite beautiful and spoke perfect English so it's a mystery why she didn't catch on in the US like her sister did. Trivia: Linda Christian was the first Bond girl.

casydemarco said...

The second story was later borrowed for the feature length title TILL DEATH, the screen debut of Belinda Balaski, playing the deceased wife tragically killed on her wedding night. Hubby was so badly injured in the crash that he could not visit her crypt for months and when he does is astonished to find her alive in her tomb. Director Walter Stocker previously starred in THEY SAVED HITLER'S BRAIN, a title not really worth saving.

Randall Landers said...

I really need to work on my Spanish. I thought the title was "100 Grits of Terror" and as a redneck, I was thinking of the grits they serve at Waffle House that have turned to rubber. LOL

Anyway, deffinitely need to check this one out since I loved Linda Christian. :D

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