Wednesday, May 29, 2019

DIE TREPPE - Lutz Mommartz (1967)

It's a short film by German avant-garde filmmaker Lutz Mommartz called "Die Treppe" or "The Stairs," and it was made in 1967, which is something to keep in mind when you are watching it, because if it was made in 2019, you'd probably think it was made by your twelve year old nephew, but it's not!

I'm sure Lutz would appreciate this version of the title card better than the other one!

Is that Mickey Mouse?

"Die Treppe" is a little over six minutes long and follows Lutz as he walks around in the first person, doing something, or sometimes nothing, like flicking the lights off and on!

He pours himself a glass and drinks it!

He checks the light reading in the bathroom!

He lifts the lid off a pot of boiling water and sticks the end of his finger in it. 
Ouch, that's hot!

He gets a thumbtack!

He doesn't like Communism!

Remember the stairs in the title?

The stairs go on for a while! He must live on the third or fourth floor!!

I'm thinking this is all pretty cool, and there's chopped up sixties music in the background, and then we find out that Lutz was headed to the bathroom the whole time because he needed to piss, and that's where he lost me, when he does a closeup of his schlong peeing in the toilet! I'm sure he was making some kind of wonderful statement in 1967, but I really didn't need to see it!

Way to go Lutz!
Good time to change the subject!
For the record, Lutz Mommartz is still alive and kickin' today, and here's where you can find him!
The Lutz Mommartz Official Website

The film ends at this party, and lots of footage of all the revelers! 
I have no idea why, but it's fun to watch!

It's really funny how somebody can look perfectly normal, but if you can catch them at just the right moment......they can look like that bald guy, or this woman in the background!

If you don't believe any of that, and you want to see it for yourself. That's easy! You can watch or download "Die Treppe" and more of the work of Lutz Mommartz for free at the Internet Archive!
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