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SANTO y MANTEQUILLA NAPOLES en LA VENGANZA DE LA LLORONA / Vengeance of the Crying Woman - 1974

Here's round 4 in our epic Mexican Monster Movie Rumble in May!.. This story's all about Santo and his boxing pal, they help a professor and his niece find a clue to a treasure that will be used to help local children. The clue to the treasure is a medallion worn by a mummy known as "The Crying Woman". The mummy soon comes to life and terrorizes the locals to get her medallion back. Meanwhile, our heroic duo have to fight off a band of thugs.

Santo's boxing Cuban co-star, José Mantequilla Nápoles, was the World Welterweight Champion and ranked as one of the greatest fighters of all time in that division and is a member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame! His record of the most wins in unified championship bouts in boxing history, shared with Muhammad Ali, was unbeaten for 40 years!

The movie begins with a match on TV where Santo is kicking some dude's ass, classic TV set!

Then, the Professor calls for Santo to help him recover a hidden chest of gold that would be returned to help out the local children. On the other side of the city though, the head of a family makes a deal with The Crying Woman's earthly helper...

Santo and José get a lead and take the Professor with them to investigate, it doesn't take long before they locate a coffin. When it's opened, the mummy of the Crying Woman is just hanging out in it. Before the exit the room, the Professor grabs the medallion from around the mummy's neck... Raw Row!!

The Professor takes off from the gang to ponder the medallion, when, a gang of hoods surround him and take the stolen object. Then, out of nowhere, Santo flying drop kicks the dude with the gun right in the mush! A big fight ensues, Santo and José kick their asses.

There's a lot of TV viewing in this one, it used to be a real family affair!

Santo's on the tube fighting against an Asian guy. Check out that awesome still!

In the meantime, the Crying Woman comes looking for her freakin' medallion! What was the stupid Professor thinking?! He's dead now and she's recovered her precious item...

While looking for the treasure, the bad guys show up, so, Santo tosses a gas bomb at them, knocking them out. Love this shot, but phew, man, who let one?!

The kids' mom has been possessed and lures her son into the old haunted mansion next door...

Here's a mystery photo, there's something weird going on... But, what?!

Mom has a table full of toys, and a bike behind him, that she will give him if he will just take his cross off! He takes it off and mom becomes a meany. When mom and the boy have left the room, the daughter shows up after following them into the place. She's looking at the toys when the Crying Woman's helper shows up! While talking to the small girl, she holds up the cross her bro left on the table, making the helper explode!! Really!!!

After lots of fights, our heroes finally find the hidden treasure chest, they carry it to Santo's cool 1965 Pontiac and take it to the people in charge of the deal.

When the guy reads the will confirming the retrieval, well, the Crying Woman turns into a skeleton and goes poof, bringing this story to an end, just like this post!


EG-Markus said...

There's a humorous scene midway in where Santo and Mantequilla challenge each other to a fight. Santo assumes a boxing stance while Mantequilla does a wrestler's crouch. It's quite subtle and I'm not sure if many viewers grok to the irony.

EEGAH!! said...

You must be a stranger in a strange land EG.

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