Friday, May 10, 2019

EL ASESINO INVISIBLE / Neutron Traps the Invisible Killers - 1965

Here's a weird one, one of its alternate titles is NEUTRON TRAPS THE INVISIBLE KILLERS, well, Neutron (the Man in the BLACK Mask) was played by Wolf Ruvinskis. This movie stars Jorge (His First Acting Role) Rivero as The Man In The GOLD Mask!.. Like, WTF?!

Other stars include Ana Bertha (THE SHIP OF MONSTERS) Lepe, Guillermo (PLANET OF THE FEMALE INVADERS) Murray, Carlos (SANTO CONTRA LOS ZOMBIES) Agostí, Adriana (GIGANTES PLANETARIOS) Roel and Miguel (EL RATA) Arenas.

Neutron visits his scientist pal, who has invented an invisibility machine, they talk about how to prevent others from stealing the machine. Neutron agrees to help out.

But, the scientist's assistant knows all about the machine and builds his own. Suddenly, an invisible killer emerges to frighten the citizens...

We'll take a break and watch some wrasslin' now.

Back to the action!.. The Invisible Killer hops a ride with Neutron in his MG and gets a free ride to our hero's place, then, pummels the Hell out of Neutron in his lab before he escapes!

The Killer commandeers a '56 Chevy and drives to a location to cause more mayhem.

Ana is feeling sexy after doing a dance routine. She decides to take a shower...

And, the Invisible Killer follows her upstairs (crappy stairs!)! After her shower ends, she goes back into her bedroom to find notes written on her mirror. After missing her with a knife, the Killer leaves her place and she calls Neutron.

Our villain is up to his old tricks, he can also turn visible so that he can freak the person out when he becomes visible right in front of them!

But, he becomes visible for Neutron and his cop pal and gets pushed back into an electrical panel, and, he gets his ass fried as should be.

But then, WTF! again!!.. You can see our Invisible Killer in the pupils of this big cat's eyes!

He's an Invisible Killer again, somehow! He tries to escape out the door but Neutron can tell where he is and throws a beaker of liquid that exposes him! So, cop dude fills him full of lead!!

Our tale is finally over as the Invisible Killer is now visible, lying in his own blood! So, tune in again tomorrow when we will try and entertain the troops with another amazing post!!.. Later.

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Grant said...

I've tried to know a decent number of weird Mexican films, but it seems like I only know Ana Bertha Lepe from SHIP OF MONSTERS, where of course she and Lorena Velasquez play the two space women. If that's anything to go by, I'd definitely like her in this too.

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