Saturday, May 11, 2019

THE VAMPIRA SHOW - "The Ghost Hostess With The Mostess" (1954-1955)

 We've talked about Zacherley and Ghoulardi and Dr. Morgus, and even Elvira, but it was Maila Elizabeth Syrjäniemi, aka Maila Nurmi, aka Vampira who was the first ever television horror host!
Welcome to another smokin' hot Saturday Night Special in The Dungeon! 
The picture above, and as much information as you could ever want to know about Vampira is available at the wondrous website Recipes For Rebels!
It's all there, so I'm not even going to try!

 "The Vampira Show" was on channel 7 in Los Angeles in 1954 and 1955!

 The show opened with Vampira walking down this foggy hall that gave the viewers a good look at that seventeen inch waist of hers!

 As the camera gets closer and closer......

 .....And closer.........

Vampira lets out one of the most classic screams of all time!!

I love these shots! She looks so proud of herself, and she should be for all that she accomplished in her life against all odds!

Almost all the tapes of any of "The Vampira Shows" have been destroyed, and we're very lucky to be able to see this brief portion!

Where I come from, we call this "The Look." It's funny, kids can learn it before they're even two.
So do yourself a favor and go and read Vampira's incredibly fascinating, albeit sad story at
"Recipes For Rebels," I swear you will thank me later, and while you're there, make sure and check out the video for "Vampira's Cocktail!"
It's a killer!

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