Saturday, May 25, 2019

THE TRYGON FACTOR - "Edgar Wallace Strikes Again" (1966)

Well, the fun never stops down here in The Dungeon, and tonight's Saturday Night Special is no exception!

"The Trygon Factor" was made in 1966, and is yet another tale based on an Edgar Wallace novel. I think it's pretty funny that Edgar's name is plastered all over the posters, but he is not even credited in the actual movie! Instead, the opening credits say "Based on an original story by Derry Quinn." I think that's kind of weird!

First rule: Don't go creeping around places where nuns are spying on your every move, even if you're a police officer!

Or you just might end up getting baptized to death!

What can I say? He's even creepier when he's not wearing the mask!

Next tip off that something ain't right: That nun has got on some pretty fancy undergarments!

Stewart (Target For Killing) Granger and Sophie (Der Hexer) Hardy are a strange pairing at best, being as there is 31 years difference in their real ages, it makes it kind of difficult.
Stewart is Superintendent Cooper-Smith, and he's the one in charge of investigating this sordid affair!
Sophie is a receptionist at his hotel.

Sophie was also in a spy movie with Eddie Constantine called "Jeff Gordon, Secret Agent," or it's original title, "Des Frissons Partout!"

The nuns also frown on it when one of their flock decides to do something else!

I think this is the first movie I've seen where funny guy Eddi Arent wasn't in a comic role. It was good to see him play it straight for a change!

It was also good to see the always great Robert (A Study in Terror) Morely in this film!

So just what the Heck are these nuns up to anyway?

They're robbing banks, that's what they're doing!

Spunky Cathleen Nesbitt is the one running the whole nasty business behind her front of being a nice old kindly rich woman! At this point in her career, Cathleen had been acting for 47 years! She lived to be 93.

This is the job that Eddi Arent signed on for! He's the best in his field!

Once the girls get in the bank and gas everybody, he puts on this suit of armor and sets up this Gatling type gun and blasts the crap out of the vault door!

To the victors go the spoils!

Before I forget, the music in "The Trygon Factor" is by the always amazing Peter Thomas time after time after time! And where's the best place to get Peter Thomas music for yourself?
BSC Music, of course!

Oh, don't worry, Sophie and Stewart have it all under control!

But then again, maybe not!

Aw, just kidding! Despite all odds, they got it all figured out after all!

"The Trygon Factor" is a fun movie to watch!
 It's an Edgar Wallace story, that's it! Not much else matters!


W.B. Kelso said...

When I sell folks on these Rialto Edgar Wallace mysteries, I was always tell 'em they're "the right kind of bonkers."

EEGAH!! said...

"The Right Kind Of Bonkers," I love it! I think I might just change the title to that! Thanx W.B.

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