Friday, May 3, 2019

LAS LUCHADORAS CONTRA EL ROBOT ASESINO / Wrestling Women vs. The Robot Assassin - 1969

I have a backlog of Mexican Monster Movies, so, for the month of May, all of my posts will be exactly that... Mexican Monster Movies! Hold onto your pesos, here we go with round one!..

In this wild tale, a lady wrestler with her wrestling partner, her boyfriend and his partner, both policeman, battle a mad scientist who has developed a murderous killer robot and uses it to kidnap wealthy people for blackmail.

It stars Joaquín (LA LOBA) Cordero, beautiful Regina (MADAME DEATH) Torné, Héctor (AGENTE 00 SEXY) Lechuga, Malú (LAS GOLFAS) Reyes and Carlos (DOCTOR SATAN) Agostí.

Welp, we're back in the lab of the infamous Dr. Orlak, this time he has a big imposing robot that kidnaps people with its big strangly hands. Orlak also has the NIGHT OF THE BLOODY APES character seen in other vintage Mexicano flicks, there to do his bidding...

Orlak has special discs that have the knowledge of certain people that he loads into his robot.

Here's a photo I was able to get of Regina and Malú taking a shower while I hid behind a locker!

Hey, I want to ride this thing, but, where in the Hell is the freakin' coin slot?!

Anyway, the robot goes haywire and kills Orlak's assistant to start with...

Wow, I think I had this guitar effects pedal back in the eighties!

So, Regina stomps the unit and everything goes BOOM!! The robot catches fire and melts down... Alles ist kaput!

Here's a classic radio from 1969, this shot looks like it's from a commercial.

Okay, Orlak's robot is out of commission, so, he goes back to the cellar where he has the Bloody Ape dude caged. Time for plan B, send him out to kidnap a woman so that he can turn her into a wrestling robot in order to take care of Regina and Malú for screwing up his plans...

The Robot Wrestling Woman is ready to take on Regina, Doctor Orlak is in the audience using a controller to direct his killer...

Sure enough, Regina and Malú are down for the count! Found out, Orlak and his robot try to escape by climbing to the top of the building...

Orlak and the robot are trapped, no place to run, no place to hide. After some scuffles, the robot falls to the ring below. Héctor has had it with Orlak and shoots him a few times!

So, our tale comes to an end, just like Orlak and his big plans!.. Tune in tomorrow when we turn the controls over to Eegah!! and hope he don't crash the boat!

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