Monday, February 25, 2019

TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE: 'Pain Killer' - 1984

Here's an episode I remember seeing back in 1984, the story goes like this... Harvey Turman suffers from both back pain and his nagging wife Nadine. Dr. Roebuck finds nothing physically wrong with Harvey, concludes that the problem is caused by latent anger toward Nadine, and suggests uxoricide (the killing of one's wife) to get rid of all of Harvey's pain!

It stars Farley (SO SWEET, SO DEAD) Granger as Doctor Roebuck, Peggy (THE HATHAWAYS) Cass as Nadine Turman, Lou (IRMA LA DOUCE) Jacobi as Harvey Turman and Fay (THE OWL AND THE PUSSYCAT) Sappington as Mrs. Tracey.

Here are the Turmans, Harvey and Nadine. They are the typical eighties married couple, each living in their little worlds and of course, they argue a lot after years of marriage.

Suddenly, Harvey's back goes out on him after he goes into the kitchen... Nadine thinks it's funny, what a pal she is!

So, she brings Harvey a blanket and turns off the light, a lightning storm is moving in. As he's dozing off, Harvey sees a bizarre figure in the window, like, what the Hell!!

Nadine takes Harvey to the doctor for his back. Harvey tells the doctor that he was the person he saw in the window the night before, but, the doc tells him that it was just the result of being in severe pain!

Harvey gets a medical care package full of goodies, he shows it off for Nadine, who in not impressed. She thinks he's over doing the whole thing... Love the training bra!

Harvey goes back to the doctor, still in pain. The doc runs some heavy shit past him, he tells Harvey that if Nadine was out of his life, his pain would go away. Harvey doesn't know what to believe...

But, wouldn't you know it, Harvey's laid up on the couch, but after he gets a phone call telling him that Nadine was struck by a car and is dead, he gets off the couch and his back is now perfectly fine!!

The first thing Harvey does when he gets home is polish off Nadine's box of chocolates!..

Then, the doorbell rings... It's Mrs. Tracy, she was the one that struck Nadine with her car, she wants to apologize. As she leaves, she says "I had no choice!" Harvey is confused yet again, you know, what did she mean by that?

Harvey goes back to the doctor to tell him the good news, he feels great now! Unfortunately, the doc hands him the address of the person he want Harvey to knock off, otherwise, his pain will return, but worse than before. Harvey wants to know... Who.. Are.. YOU?!!

Well, the doctor just smiles and laughs his way to the end! Tune again on Wednesday for more weird junk for you, here, at The Dungeon!

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Grant said...

I've always liked this one, a little more for the actors than the story, but both. Lou Jacobi is perfect as the husband who acts like he's been giving in forever to everything his wife says.

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