Friday, February 1, 2019

TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE: The Geezenstacks / Season 3 Episode 5 - 1986

In today's tale, Sam Hummel notices eerie parallels between events in the life of his family, and events in the lives of his daughter Audrey's dolls, the Geezenstacks!

This episode stars Craig (SCHIZOID) Wasson, Tandy (TWISTED) Cronyn, Larry (FREAK SHOW) Pine and Lana (only acting credit) Hirsch.

Uncle Richard has brought a very nice doll house as a surprise for his niece. He actually found it in the home of a client, the family seems to have moved, leaving only the doll house behind!

Sam and Edith Hummel's daughter, Audrey, is bonkers over her present and immediately starts talking to the dolls that were inside, and calls them, the Geezenstacks...

Later, Audrey tells dad that the father doll was going to punch the wife doll in the face!

Then, Edith says something and Sam is ready to do what the dolls were saying, punch her! Sam starts to put two and two together, whatever Audrey says the dolls are up to, it reflects on his own family!!

Sam goes off the rails and is convinced that something evil is going on with the dolls! Uncle Richard and Edith are starting to get worried about Sam's condition.

That night, the doll house eerily lights up and seems to have a life of its own after Audrey tells dad that the Geezenstacks were going on a long journey!

The next day, Uncle Richard goes to the Hummel's home to check in with the gang. He finds that all the furniture and belongings are gone, well, except for that damn doll house!

Sam and Edith wake up from their sleep because their room is shaking!

When Richard opens up the doll house, he's terrified to find Sam and Edith as dolls!

A real estate agent pops in and sees the doll house. She discovers a small house inside, opens it up, and finds four dolls inside, Sam, Edith, Audrey and Uncle Richard!... Sweet dreams, ever'bloody!!

Unfortunately, we just lost one of our favorite Dungeon gods, Dick Miller. Fortunately though, we have this photo of Dick and our Dungeon associate, Greg Goodsell, in Burbank for his 90th birthday party on December 25, 2018. We will miss him, but, his work will live forever!! I'll be doing a piece on Dick soon, join us tomorrow for something special, just for you!


KD said...

We just watched WAR OF THE SATELLITES in his honor! RIP to one of the great Corman Crew!

Tom Moody said...

I've been enjoying your deadpan presentations of wacky material. A note on this show -- it's based on the short story of the same name by Fredric Brown (who wrote the novel The Screaming Mimi, and the story "Arena," adapted into the Star Trek episode where Kirk fought the Gorn). Keep up the good work!

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