Saturday, February 9, 2019

KILLER PARTY - "The April Fool" (1986)

Saturday Night is party night, so tonight's Dungeon Special is just that, a...
"Killer Party!"

I'll give them credit for a killer title!

The beginning is a movie within a movie within a music video!
It starts at a funeral, and this woman getting pulled into the casket by the dead body!

But that was just a movie being watched by these kids at the drive-in. This girl doesn't want to make out, so she heads on over to the snack bar, but it's strangely deserted, so she just helps herself to some free popcorn.

Her boyfriend was gone when she got back to the car, but he's back now!

Cut to heavy metal band "White Sister" back in the snack bar!

White Sister's fans are a motley crew!

On the left is Elaine Wilkes as Phoebe, Sherry Willis-Burch as Vivia is in the middle, and on the right is Joanna Johnson as Jennifer!
Anyway, that was all a video that Phoebe was watching on TV!
The real movie is about the horror this trio must endure to get accepted into a snooty sorority!

Now is this a great shot or what?

The great Paul Bartel gives this film a bit more legitimacy!

They like to sneak in a lot of shots like this, but it's all a ruse!

Paul's the first one to get it!

There's going to be an April Fool's Day costume party at the olde haunted fraternity house, hence the alternate title!

Costume parties are fun in horror movies because they usually give the killer a chance to hide in plain sight!

As far as horror movies go, at least this one has a sense of humor! 
For instance, the killer is dressed in a deep sea diving helmet! He's pretty destructive, despite how bad his Porfirio vision must be!

In movies like this, a Guillotine in the basement is usually mandatory equipment!

At least there's plenty of refreshments!

The soulless creature from Hell then decides to take over Jennifer's mind and body!

Joanna Johnson is a very pretty girl, and I give her a lot of credit for doing a good job as a maniacal devil!

Most movies have endings.....but this one just stops!
Time to go home! Last call for alcohol!
The party's over!

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