Friday, February 8, 2019

SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE DEADLY NECKLACE / Sherlock Holmes vs. Professor Moriarity - 1962

Here's one that probably escaped most people's attention, here, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson try to solve the case of the stealing of Cleopatra's necklace, found by archaeologists in Egypt. They soon discover that the evil professor Moriarty is behind it all.

It stars Christopher (I, MONSTER) Lee, Hans (THE PHANTOM OF SOHO) Söhnker, Hans (TOWN WITHOUT PITY) Nielsen, Senta (THE TERROR OF DR. MABUSE) Berger, Ivan (DEVIL'S EXORCIST) Desny and Wolfgang (DR. MABUSE vs. SCOTLAND YARD) Lukschy.

After a murder, Holmes and Watson discuss their next course of action...

When Holmes shows Watson how to sidestep someone wielding a long knife. Watson lunges at Holmes and the knife goes flying, landing on a piece of meat the maid has just brought in... What the Hell, man?!

Then, our guys get a tip, they go to the Hare And Eagle Tavern for some answers.

So tricky!.. Holmes and Watson listen in to Professor Moriarty's conversation with a criminal through a broken vent. Watson makes some noise though, and Moriarty has a feeling it's Holmes and crew.

We get to see Chris in a classic outfit, seeing stuff goofs like us would always miss.

Here's the deadly necklace, once owed by Cleopatra, now possessed by Professor Moriarty.

In disguise, Holmes breaks into Moriarty's place and takes back the necklace!

Moriarty and pals are furious when they find out that the necklace has been taken by Holmes!

Holmes agrees to meet the evil professor, but, when his goons surround our super sleuth, he pulls out a police whistle! Moriarty and his men hightail the Hell outta' there!

Moriarty tries another plan to get the necklace back, but it fails.

At the auction, it's announced that the necklace has gone missing and it will not be part of their auction, making lots of people very upset and angry.

Moriarty is happy until Holmes shows up, who goes to the Inspector and shows him that he has the necklace in his possession!

The necklace goes up for auction, Moriarty loses his deadly necklace to a buyer from Texas!! Holmes takes the handle off Moriarty's cane to reveal a flask of liquor - Tune in tomorrow when Eegah!! grabs the reins, here, at The Dungeon...

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