Monday, February 11, 2019


In today's color classic, pit violinist Claudin is hopelessly in love with rising operatic soprano Christine Dubois (as do baritone Anatole and police inspector Raoul) and secretly aids her with her career. But, Claudin murders a music publisher in a fit of madness and has his face scarred with acid. Soon, mysterious crimes plague the Paris Opera House, blamed on a legendary "phantom" whom none can find in the mazes and catacombs.

It stars Nelson Eddy, Susanna Foster, Claude Rains, Edgar Barrier, Leo Carrillo, Jane Farrar, J. Edward Bromberg, Fritz Feld, and, with a cast of thousands!

Here's pit violinist Erique Claudin in his humble abode, he spends his time at home working on a concerto that he thinks will make him famous and woo his secret love, the beautiful singer Christine DuBois.

When Claudin goes to the publisher to pick up his work, they tell him that it's not there, so, he must come back later. The publisher was also very rude to him.

In a twist of fate, Claudin's friend is showing the music to the famous Franz Liszt, because, Claudin is fairly unknown and would never have it heard by a famous composer. Liszt loves it.

But, Claudin hears music being played in another room and goes berserk, claiming that his concerto had been stolen from him! He ends up killing the publisher!

The publisher's assistant grabs a pan of etching acid and tosses it in Claudin's face. In agony, he leaves the building and disappears.

With the police looking for him, Claudin goes down into the sewer system where he finds his way to the catacombs beneath the opera house.

Then, strange things begin happening at the opera! For instance, the star, Biancarolli, becomes ill (he drugged her drink) during her performance and has to be replaced by Claudin's love, Christine. She's actually a better singer too.

Anatole Garron, who's also in love with Christine, plays his part to the hilt...

Later though, Garron has a run in with the mysterious Phantom of the Opera and almost falls to his death after being conked on the head!

In order to capture the Phantom, Garron comes up with a clever plan. Franz Liszt will conduct Claudin's concerto, that should lure the menace into the open!

During the climax, Claudin cuts the chain holding the chandelier and it falls to the floor, killing a few or more people...

In the meantime, Claudin captures Christine and he takes her to his lair. There, he plays his music for Christine, she's half terrified. At one point, she pulls the mask from Claudin's face, revealing his gruesome burns. One thing I noticed... How in the Hell did Claudin get that damn piano down in that room?! Seriously!!

Anyway, check this still out, wild!.. Okay, the policeman's pistol explodes I guess...

And, it brings down the house, thus, bringing our sad tale to an end, poor demented Claudin! Christine and the men just make it out after a wall falls on our Phantom... Hey!! Check in on Wednesday when Eegah!! will get weird for you once again!


Exeter said...

Nice to have a moment to check out some backlog stuff. Great to see you are here!
Nice to see an email signup, too. ( Sorry if it was there all along, unnoticed......)

Mickey Bitsko said...

Is that a policeman's pistol exploding or 19th century Men In Black deploying a neuralyzer?

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