Monday, February 4, 2019

LOONEY TUNES: Porky's Party / A Bob Clampett Cartoon! - 1938

I'm in the mood for some humor today, and for good reason... Here's a great WB cartoon directed by my favorite director, Bob Clampett. What's interesting is that the writer is unknown, not even listed on IMDb!

The story starts with Porky receiving a present from his Uncle Pincus Pig. It's a silk worm from the Orient, and if you want it to perform, you say... Sew!

Porky gives it a test, but when the little worm starts knitting bras, panties and other items for women, Porky stops the show when he puts it in his pocket.

After Porky gets cleaned up in the bathroom, his pooch Black Fury decides to check out Porky's hair growing formula that just happens to be 99% alcohol...

Black Fury chugs on the bottle and after he's good and drunk, he pours the formula all over his head in his stupor! Love those rubbery Clampett images.

Porky's two friends arrive, a penguin and a goose. Porky gets punked by the goose when they shake hands at the door!

The silk worm starts knitting again when Porky says that his friend was soooo crazy!

The worm knits more women's lingerie so Porky tosses it away, right into the penguin's ice cream! The worm starts making silk top hats and the penguin gets one stuck in his head!

The goose tries to help with the only way a cartoon character knows how!..

Back in the bathroom, Black Fury decides he needs a shave. The electric razor chases him out of the room and he finds Porky at the party table. Everyone thinks Black Fury is a mad dog!

The guys all run as fast as they can away from Porky's pooch!

The penguin has a tussle with Black Fury in the bed and when the dust settles, they realize that he's fine, he's not mad at all...

But, the prnguin still has a problem with that damn top hat and the goose helps out yet again!

Th, th, that's all folks! Tune in again on Wednesday when we continue down the old dusty Dungeon trail, just the way you like it.

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