Friday, February 15, 2019

POPEYE THE SAILOR In "Wotta Nitemare" - 1939

Today's treat is a classic Popeye cartoon, in this one, Popeye is having a dream where Bluto takes Olive on a picnic in the clouds. Even though it's Popeye's dream, Bluto has the upper hand until Popeye pulls out his spinach!

Popeye's having a dream and he's acting out as he tries to get comfortable...

In his dream, he's with Olive in a heavenly surrounding. All is fine until Bluto drops in, he persuades Olive to go on a picnic with him, Popeye can bring the food along. Love Bluto's devilish costume!

On the way to the picnic, a steam roller shows up and collides with Popeye, whose feet are glued down! The steam roller turns into butterflies, confusing our hero.

Back on Earth, Popeye has destroyed his pillow and feathers fill in for the butterflies.

At the picnic, Popeye can't get one bite to eat and is getting frustrated. Even Jeep gets to eat!

While Bluto is choking Popeye in the dream, Popeye is actually choking himself on his bed!

It just keeps getting worse for Popeye, finally, facing the giant laughing head of Bluto, he gets knocked off the cloud...

On his way down, he grabs for his spinach, but, he keeps getting the wrong vegetable!

Finally!!.. He grabs hands full of good old spinach and chomps it down.

As he is actually eating mattress stuffing, a spring hits him in the chin, waking him up!

Still a little confused, he says... Bluto can't get away with this!! He runs down the street and finds Bluto smoking a cigar. Popeye starts swinging and Bluto gets the full force of Popeye's nitemare! Tune in tomorrow when Eegah!! will fill this slot!

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