Wednesday, November 7, 2018

THE WACKY WEED - "Andy Panda" (1946)`

 Welcome to Wacky Weed Wednesday, and no, I'm not talking about loco weed or marijuana, this "Wacky Weed" is an Andy Panda cartoon from 1946!

Boy, that really is a whacked out lookin' weed!!

 I don't think we ever thank Walter Lantz enough for all his contributions to cartoon land, so this is a good opportunity to do just that!! Thanx Walt! Life would have been a lot more boring without you!

Andy Panda goes to his local nursery to get a flower to plant in his yard, which gives Walt a good chance to do all kinds of jokes and sight gags before the story even gets started! This flower is happy!

These flowers are sad!

This flower is goofy!

You've got your hibiscus and your low biscus!!

For all you horse racing fans, here's a blast from the past, the mighty Sea Biscus! Just in case you don't know, the horse's name was Seabiscuit!

Also known as a Skunk Plant!

I wouldn't mind having a couple of these ice plants!!

Cute little Andy plants his sweet little flower!

This mean and nasty ol' weed has got different ideas about how things work!

You've heard of weeds choking out other plants, well, this is how it works!

Not knowing that the weed's roots are attached to his plumbing, Andy hooks his car up to the weed to pull it out, and ends up pulling out all the pipework in his house!

The weed is bringing out an evil side to Andy we're not used to seeing!

Now it's time to pay!!
Come back on Friday and see what Tabonga has dug up for you!!

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