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COMMANDO CODY vs. THE MOON MENACE / Feature Version - 1952

This is the 62 minute feature version of RADAR MEN FROM THE MOON now on DVD. The story goes like this... Strategic targets on Earth are being destroyed by an unknown weapon, government security head Henderson suspects that it's an "atomic ray" weapon originating from the Moon! He assigns Commando Cody, scientist and man of action with a secret flying suit, to investigate the matter. Soon, Cody is battling Earth thugs in the pay of Krog the Moon man and making trips in his experimental rocket to the Moon itself, in a perilous effort to thwart the planned invasion of Earth!

It stars George (FORBIDDEN PLANET) Wallace as Commando Cody, Aline (THE INVISIBLE MONSTER) Towne as Joan Gilbert, Roy (ZOMBIES OF THE STRATOSPHERE) Barcroft as Retic, William (LUCKY DEVILS) Bakewell as Ted Richards, Clayton (THE LONE RANGER) Moore as Graber and Peter (INVADERS FROM MARS) Brocco as Krog.

Everything starts when key targets are being destroyed on Earth. Commando Cody and the gang are assigned by the government with the task of finding out who's behind the attack. It's not long before an atomic ray device is found out to be the weapon of destruction, and that, it came from the Moon!

On Earth, Krog is in charge of organizing the attacks, he utilizes criminal earthlings to help carry out the destruction. Krog regularly checks in with the leader of the Moon, Retic.

Cody and his pals take their experimental rocket to the Moon, to get to the bottom of the invasion. They cruise over the buildings on the Moon before landing on the edge of city.

Cody breaks into Retik's room to get some answers, and, what do you think what happens next? I'll give you one guess!.............

After a big fight, our hero grabs an atomic ray weapon and runs to the edge of the city where Ted's waiting for him. Retic sends out a patrol vehicle to track Cody. Cool ass Moonmobile!

The vehicle finds Cody and Ted, so, they duck into a cave. But, the Moon men use a melting ray to try and bury the Earthlings. Luckily, the effort fails, saving the day!

So, Cody and the gang head back to Earth.

Here's a nice shot of our flying hero, Commando Cody, back on Earth now.

He locates the hidden Moon base in a cave in the mountains, Cody walks in on the culprits and another epic fight ensues!

Retic is there, visiting Earth, checking up on the progress. After Cody causes a pile of trouble, Retik takes off in his rocket and heads back to the Moon.

But, Cody grabs the truck holding the atomic ray weapon and simply shoots Retik's rocket out of the sky, ending this tale! Be back tomorrow when Eegah!! is working hard on yet another special post, just for you!!


TC said...

The rocket suit was first used in the 1949 serial King of the Rocket Men, and a lot of stock footage of the hero flying was used in the sequels: Radar Men From the Moon (1952), Zombies of the Stratosphere (1952), and Commando Cody, Sky Marshal of the Universe (1953).

The first three serials were edited into features, and re-released (and/or shown on TV), respectively retitled Lost Planet Airmen, Retik-the Moon Menace (aka Commando Cody vs. the Moon Menace), and Satan's Satellites. The last serial was shown on NBC as a TV series in 1955.

The climax of Radar Men/Moon Menace, where the alien villain is escaping in his rocket ship and they shoot him down with the sonic cannon, was stock footage from The Purple Monster Strikes (1945) (aka D-Day on Mars). Roy Barcroft wore the same costume in both movies, so the scenes matched up well. Roy played bad guys in about a million 1940s "B" Westerns, but he once said in an interview that he also liked doing the science fiction serials.

The Commando Cody costume was obviously an influence on Dave Stevens' 1980s comic book series The Rocketeer, which was later made into a movie by Disney.

TABONGA! said...

TC - Thank you for the info - As always, your input is appreciated, here, at The Dungeon!

Anonymous said...

In the late 1960's, there was a rockabilly band that used the name Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen. Their biggest hit was a remake of Johnny Bond's "Hot Rod Lincoln."

EEGAH!! said...

Great band! One of my favorites! I had a nice discussion with the lead singer Billy J. Farlow one evening backstage at a college radio benefit. The title song off their album "Lost In The Ozone" is also a killer tune!

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