Friday, November 2, 2018

BEANY AND CECIL / The Rat Race For Space - 1962

Here's a fun cartoon for a Friday, this time Cecil gets involved with the race for space and tries to help Little Ace in his effort to go into space!

Here's Little Ace getting ready to be shot into space...

Three... Two... One... Squeeeeze!!

Of course, the capsule comes down right on Cecil's head!

Cecil learns that Little Act wants his mommy, so...

Cecil goes out looking for her! Robert had balls, he uses Mickey Mouse to help Cecil search out Ace's mom.

Cecil comes across these cool cat bats playing beatnik music. He asks if they've seen said mommy and they answer his question with a baseball bat...

Then, Cecil finds this amorous moose instead of a Mommy Mouse!

Well, Mommy Mouse is blasting off into space this time, but, him and Ace get there too late. Good news is that the capsule comes down and hits Cecil in the head yet again!

Ace and his mom celebrate the cosmic event with a photo...

When Cecil joins in, Mommy Mouse shoots him with an exploding marshmallow! Hey, tune in tomorrow when Eegah!! joins in on the fun!!

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