Friday, November 23, 2018

DEATH KAPPA / King Kong Is Dead, Godzilla Is Retired, A New Monster Is In Town! - 2010

In today's old school Japanese giant monster saga, the Kappa, from Japanese folklore, are water goblins closely associated with a certain town in the country. But, the area is also home to a militant splinter group of researchers dedicated to developing amphibious super soldiers based on the Kappa monsters of legend.

So far, the Kappa has come to life and is now loose in the countryside. At the home of Kanako, who has a new CD out with her songs on it, she entertains the boys. They play one of the songs from her album...

And, here's the translation of one of the lines!!.. I fell off my chair! Curious about what that phrase means in Japanese!

Anyway, the Kappa is outside and starts to dance to the music! The three join in and it's nothing but a barrel of fun as they frolic around!

Later, Kanako is kidnapped by that group of militants, they want to capture the Kappa as they knew it would come to her rescue. The thing shows up and there's a big fight.

The whole organization is run by the granddaughter of a dead mad scientist. Thing is, she's even 'madder' than him!! She actually gives him a big, deep kiss!!

There's just something about this shot that I like.

What else?!.. A big old giant lizard monster shows up and starts leveling the city and flattens anyone that gets under foot!

The thing kicks a building which creates this awesome photo... Nice!

The newscasters are out covering the story as a huge atomic weapon goes rolling by. So, can it take out the giant invading monster?.. The answer is... NO!

Death Kappa shows up to take on the big lizard. Let the freakin' fight begin!!

Okay Death Kappa, you won the battle, say cheese! You can see that it's no slouch when it comes to destruction!!

Kanako comes to save the day, she sings a happy song and Kappa calms the Hell down...

So, Kappa goes back to the sea and everyone waves goodbye to the old water goblin. There you have it, tune in tomorrow because Eegah!! will definitely have something special for us!


Randall Landers said...

I must find this movie....

TABONGA! said...

Hi Randall - I bought this title after I read a review, it's pure craziness. You can pick one up for less than $10...

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