Monday, November 12, 2018

THE LEOPARD MAN / Strange Savage Murder... Striking At Women Only! - 1943

Here we go with another week, here, at The Dungeon!.. This time, at the encouragement of her manager, a nightclub performer in New Mexico takes a leashed leopard into the club as a publicity stunt. Her rival, angered by the attempt to upstage, scares the animal, it bolts and runs out the door. In the days that follow, victims are being mauled and the countryside is combed for the loose creature. But, people begin to wonder if maybe the leopard is not responsible for the killings!

This one stars Dennis (TOPPER RETURNS) O'Keefe, Margo (LOST HORIZON), Jean (THE SEVENTH VICTIM) Brooks, Isabel (MAD LOVE) Jewell and James (i WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE) Bell.

Here's Kiki Walker with her leashed leopard making a splash at the club where she performs. It was the idea of her agent, Jerry Manning, there in the background.

But, the performer, Clo-Clo, is pissed at Kiki for the stunt, so, she clacks her castanets together loudly and scares the crap out of the big cat and it bolts out an open door!!

The first victim is a young woman out wandering by a train trestle where she hears the cat.

The next victim is found in a garden. The authorities have to use a ladder to get into the yard because the entrance door has been locked.

Jerry talks with his pal, Charlie How-Come, an expert on large cats. After the second death, something doesn't add up, is it possible that a person is killing the women?..

Clo-Clo is getting the creeps, so, she goes to a fortune teller to see what's up with her fate.

Clo-Clo draws an ace, which means she hasn't got much time to live! Then, this freakin' Texan runs over a cat in front of Clo-Clo after she exits the fortune teller's building. She asks the dumb ass what color the cat was, and, he says... BLACK! It's not long before she becomes another victim.

Love this shot, reminds me of when I was just a little guy, this was a normal scene in just about any city in the fifties. My cousin made lots of spending money shining shoes back then!

The beans get spilled when Dr. Galbraith, the zoo curator, thinks he has his next victim, Kiki...

Well, it was a set up, Jerry and his pal Dwight are on the other side of the door. When Kiki screams her head off, the guys chase Galbraith outside. The murderer hides in a crowd of mourners but the good guys catch his sorry ass anyway.

Jerry listens to Galbraith's twisted explanation of why he killed the women... But, when it comes to describing Dwight's girlfriend's death...

Dwight pulls his rod out and puts a bullet in the sicko's gut!.. Case Closed!!

Jerry and Kiki leave Dwight to explain to the cops why he shot Galbraith, he'll have to go to trial of course, but, you know, he'll probably get off... And, you can get off on another wild post on Wednesday when Eegah!! brings on the stuff!

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