Saturday, November 10, 2018

IF.... - "When Do We Live?" (1968)

"If...." I wasn't haven't having so many computer problems right now, everything might be a touch better. In the meantime, in between time, Welcome to the Saturday Night Special version of The Dungeon!

"If...." is art! "If...." is dark! "If...." is stylish, but morose and full of despair! It's a fairly simple tale! If you kick a dog every day, some day it's going to bite you! But, if the dog is a bunch of rich kids, do you, or should we, even care?

"If...." is a highly acclaimed product from the mind of the great Lindsay Anderson in 1968, but I'll take his 1973 masterpiece "O Lucky Man!" that also starred Malcolm McDowell over this film any day of the week!

In Britain, they call them public schools which actually means private school. That's a good place to start!

Nothing that happens in this school would be allowed today! It's difficult for me to identify these days with a bunch of disenfranchised rich kids abused in a private school system! The school, and everybody involved with the school is gross, and you never see even one parent. The only thing I can think is that I guess this is where the whole British music scene got it's cajones! If this is the best world that the 60's British uppercrust could provide for their kids, then they damn well deserved Johnny Rotten!

The song that plays over and over that Mick is listening to on his record player is from the album entitled "Missa Luba" sung by Les Troubadours du Roi Baudouin and conducted by Fr. Guido Haazen, which I just happen to have a copy for sale in my new Discogs store! If you have an eclectic taste in music like me, then you really should check it out! 

They taught fencing where I went to school too. When I was done, I knew all the ins and outs of chain link, wood, and cinder blocks!

Maybe the problem is that there are basically no vegetables in these people's diets! 

Great shot of these vintage motorcycles! In fact, the whole movie is filled with great shots, but that just wasn't enough for me,

This girl (Christine Noonan) is obviously nothing but trouble! Christine also had two roles in "O Lucky Man," as the coffee trainee, and the girl at the stag party!

For a better take on rebellion, go listen to the late Gil Scott-Heron's "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised!"

Bored boys will go to any length to entertain themselves! Of course, Malcolm McDowell is great, no matter what the role is!

Excessive corporal punishment is going to lead to some serious backlash!

 I just like all the details included in this shot!

This is a perfect example of a Pompous Self-Righteous Jackass! Unfortunately, this is not a species that has gone extinct yet!

 I would have loved to have the job of putting these collages together as long as they would have paid me!

 Some things are not so much different from mine or your youthful adventures! One day a bunch of teenagers were headed into the mountains for a day of fun and adventure. The only problem was they had got somebody to buy them some bottles of blackberry flavored sloe gin. Gulping that shit, just like Mick here, Tabonga was puking before we got 20 miles outside of town! What fun!!

This reminds me so much of me and my wife! I can't tell you how many endless nights before bed, I'd sing, and she would play the recorder!

Teenagers probably really shouldn't have access to stuff like this!

In light of the mass shootings that seem to becoming commonplace in modern society, do you really want to watch a satire about that type of killing? I wasn't in the mood! It did make me want to go back and watch "O Lucky Man" again though!

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