Wednesday, October 26, 2016

WATER, WATER, EVERY HARE - "Bugs Bunny Meets The Big Red Monster Part Two" - Looney Tunes (1952)

Well, when it comes to Halloween, you just can't go wrong with cartoons, at least that's what we think around here! As I just told Reverend Tom Frost (Go out and buy his new album "Mysteries and Manners," before it's too late!), the cool thing about having kids when you get older is, that you can watch all kinds of stupid shit and lots of cartoons on TV without feeling guilty! I watched so much Nickelodeon and Disney in the 80's and the 90's, it permanently changed my taste!

"Water, Water Every Hare" was a Bugs Bunny, Michael Maltese, Chuck Jones, Mel Blanc, Carl Stalling, short that featured the second appearance of the big red tennis shoe wearing monster known as Gossamer, or Rudolph, or Ruda, depending on who you talk to, this time around!

It's a rainy night in Georgia, or somewhere. That's another great thing about cartoons, the location is unimportant; it could be anywhere, and it won't affect the story at all!

Bugs Bunny's burrow is totally flooded! I honestly didn't know that rabbits can breath underwater like Mermen, but apparently, it's true!

Bugs gets washed out of his hole and floats on downstream, still sleeping the whole time!

The artwork is outstanding, the colours are amazing, and this twin falls Yosemite shot of the evil scientist's castle is bootiful!

The last time we saw the big red monster his master was a Peter Lorre character, but this time it's a Boris Karloff character who has created a giant Frankensteinian robot that needs a brain! A rabbit's brain is a little small for the job, but it will just have to do!!

Bugs was reeled in by the mad doctor and gets the bejeezus scared out of him by this mummy!

Bugs leaps into the mad scientist's arms!

When he realizes where he has landed, he leaps again and ends up here!

One more time, and he ends up on the face of the giant robot!

Time for Big Red to be unleashed again!

Bugs is in big trouble this time!!

Last time they met, Bugs ended up doing the monster's nails, but this time it's a dynamite new hairdo!!

Then the fun labels part begins! Bugs pours 'Vanishing Fluid' on himself and disappears, and then....

......He pours the reducing oil on the monster with.........

........Predictable results!!

The next element introduced into this soiree is ether, which causes the mad scientist to go night night..................

...........And bugs floats off into the night and back home again, only to wonder if the whole thing was a dream!!



Mort said...

What a great episode.

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Love this freakin' cartoon!.. Oh, and, support the Rev!

Grant said...

This is somewhere among the first Looney Tunes I can remember seeing. When it comes to "genre" ones, I don't know which I saw first, this or that "Jekyll and Hyde" one.

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