Friday, October 28, 2016

LOONEY TUNES / 'Kitty Kornered' - 1946

It's Friday the 28th, so, time to take a look at a favorite Clampett cartoon, one of the last ones he did before leaving Warner Bros. In this hilarious tale, Porky puts his four cats out in the snow for misbehaving, but, then they throw him outside and have a party to celebrate. After expelling them again, Porky goes to bed, only to be terrorized by the felines' mock Martian invasion!.. Laughs abound!!

After being thrown out, the kitties gang up on Porky and give him a little of his own medicine!

The cats immediately break out the booze, cigars and snacks, and, the party is on! It becomes a drunken celebration and the kitties are having a grand old time.

Everything about this pic is a freakin' crack up!..

Then, a mysterious dog shows up and starts barking at the drunken felines! They quickly scatter into another room as...

Porky, now in from the cold, has used his pet shadow dog to his advantage.

The kitties laugh it off until Porky loses it and starts chasing the little jerks! Notice how insane these pics are! Damn, Clampett was so good at expressing exaggerated chaos. Love that guy!

After being ejected from the house yet once again, Sylvester gives the boys a pep talk! Then, he comes up with a clever idea to get back in...

Porky has hit the sack, everything is great until a bulletin comes over his radio about a Martian invasion! The voice on the radio is actually one of the kitties, part of the plan!

Porky then notices some cute little pals in bed with him. That's fine until he puts two and two together, and, realizes that they are the Martians!!

Anywho, they all end up back outside, in the snow, wondering what the Hell just happened! Check this cartoon out when you get the chance, it's one of the best!!.. Okay, be back tomorrow as we close in on the end of Halloween Countdown 2016!!

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