Friday, October 14, 2016


My Halloween jokes bombed on Monday, so, back to something that everbloody can dig, more 8mm Horror Movie box art! This time, all from the fifties... I guess I'll have to give up my big dream of becoming a famous stand up comedian!

Here's a nice example of 8mm movie box art from I WAS A TEENAGE WEREWOLF, I'm sure you'd pay a pretty penny for most of the titles here if you wanted to collect these vintage movies!

This I WAS A TEENAGE FRANKENSTEIN artwork is a little whack, they use the monster from GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN instead of the actual scarier image!

Here are the three CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON movies. This is the only Universal horror title from the fifties that had more than one movie in a series.

IT CONQUERED THE WORLD is my favorite piece here! Besides my eternal love for all the Paul Blaisdell monster creations, this box art kicks ass big time!

It's incredible how crappy this MONSTER THAT CHALLENGED THE WORLD artwork is! They had the chance to do a terrific image but settled for this stupid thing! Great monster, amateurish art... The guy on the left looks good because that's a photo image, what they should have done with the whole danged piece.

Enter THE DEADLY MANTIS!!.. Here's one I saw in 1957 at the theater, and I have to tell you, the movie was a true wonder for a nine year old monster nut!

Saw EARTH vs. THE SPIDER in 1957 too, a freaking awesome year for monsters!!! The movie ain't that great, but, that box art looks mighty fine!.. It must Eat You to Live!!

This RETURN OF DRACULA artwork is fairly simple but is attractive enough because of the subtle color changes. There's even a Halloween party with costumes in this one!

I was lucky enough to catch THE WEREWOLF at the time, man, that scene in the jail cell freaked me out a goodern!! If that wasn't bad enough, I saw it with TARANTULA!

Okay, here are the bonus Fiends as promised. As I was chasing images for the post, I came across these next three photos I thought were especially nice to include here, so, enjoy!

Nothing more Halloween than to dress up as witches and share a cup of old belladonna tea!!

I just love this photo, skeletons will forever capture the feel of Halloween! Skeletons scared me the most when I was a little guy!

What better way to end than with this beautiful picture of our gal holding a make believe copy of HALLOWEEN And SPOOK STORIES! We'll be back here tomorrow with more Halloween Countdown... From The Dungeon!!


Dr. Theda said...

We had half of these titles as a kid...

TABONGA! said...

Wow Doc!.. That's impressive!

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