Monday, October 24, 2016

LOONEY TUNES / 'Jeepers Creepers' - 1939

Today, we gots a great offering from Looney Tunes, from my favorite cartoon director, Bob Clampett. There's nothing like his early efforts, they stand out in a crowd! Our story goes like this... Officer Porky Pig is called to investigate strange noises at a house that might be haunted! That's always interesting! Anyway, before Porky arrives there, we tour the house and hear evil laughing that's coming from a radio that a ghost is listening to. The ghost invites Porky in with a woman's voice, and, ends up scaring the crap out of our little hero!

Porky gets a call from headquarters, there are strange noises coming from an old abandoned house, and, it may be haunted!.. Go there immediately!!

Porky's car goes into stealth mode and cautiously approaches the creepy old house. Clampett was a master of the rubbery!!

Inside the house, our ghost is chowing down on some steamed donuts with his coffee!

He takes a bath, then, dries himself off by going through a wringer! I remember my mom using a wringer to dry clothes before hanging them up in the back yard when I was a kid.

When Porky arrives, the shutters on the windows of the house are clattering around, making for a spooky greeting!

When Porky knocks on the door, the ghost scrambles down the stair banister to greet him!

Porky thought he heard a woman telling him to come in, but, it's only the ghost prankster!

And, when our ghost pal pulls out all the stops, Porky makes for a quick exit!!..

The ghost quickly flies ahead of Porky and is hitch hiking when he drives by. Porky stops, shows him the 'No Riders' sign, then floors it to get away, covering our little spook with black exhaust smoke!

We'll end with this nice ad art for this fun little cartoon! So, we continue with more Halloween Countdown on Wednesday, be there, or, face the wrath of the Great Pumpkin!!

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