Saturday, October 15, 2016

HAIR-RAISING HARE - Bugs Bunny (1946)

 We're halfway to Halloween, so it's time for a Scary Melodies Halloween Countdown Saturday Night Special cartoon!

 Tonight's feature short is called "Hair-Raising Hare" and stars Bugs Bunny! It was unleashed on the general public in 1946!
Now THIS is a great title card!

 Bugs Bunny is being spied on by some nefarious creature with a very modern 'Televisor'!

 The mad scientist doing the spying looks an awful lot like Peter Lorre!
I'd be curious to find out how much Warner Brothers had to pay to use the image of a star like this!

 The monster is kept behind locked doors and is hungry! This same concept would be used in "The Brain That Wouldn't Die" some 15 years later!

 The mad scientist has a lure to catch some food for the monster!

 Bugs Bunny is a horny little rabbit, so he falls for the bait, hook, line, and sinker!
Hubba, Hubba!!

 Bugs follows the hot rabbit robot right back to the evil scientist's humble abode!
More awesome artwork!!

 Bugs tells the evil scientist that he doesn't need to block the door, because he has no plans to go anywhere, that is until............

...His new girlfriend falls completely apart right before his eyes! 
Now he's ready to exit stage right!!

The scientist releases the giant and hungry beast on his helpless prey!

This is the first time this tennis shoe wearing monster was ever seen on the big screen! 

At this point, he didn't have a name, but the monster would reappear again in a 1952 cartoon called "Water Water Every Hare" as Ruda, and once again in a 1980 Duck Dodgers cartoon as Gossamer!

Gossamer is looking very Dr. Seuss-like right about here!

In normal cartoon style, once the monster is released, it turns into one big chase scene!
Here he tries to unsuccessfully hide! Valiant effort, but no cigar!

"Canned Monster" is the result of that fiasco!

Once out of the can, the monster finally catches up with Bugs Bunny!! I'll let you use your imagination as to what happens next!
Th, th, th, th, th,


TC said...

Was this the one where Bugs acted like a manicurist and did the monster's nails? (And, like all of Bugs' adversaries, the monster went along with it.) "Oh, my, you monsters must lead such INteresting lives and meet all sorts of INteresting people."

Peter Lorre may have been under contract at Warner Brothers at the time, which may be why they used him instead of Karloff or Lugosi.

And, yeah, AFAIR, the monster was first called Gossamer in a Duck Dodgers cartoon with Marvin the Martian. That was the name that stuck, and he was called that on The Looney Tunes Show. Like the Tasmanian Devil, he became popular, despite making relatively few appearances.

EEGAH!! said...

Yeah TC, you got it right, this IS the one where Bugs manicures the monster's nails! As always, thanx for the added input!!

Unknown said...

"That's the problem with some dames. Kiss 'em and they fall apart!"

Thanks so much for posting this EEGAH! You guys are the best!

EEGAH!! said...

Great quote Phillip! Thanx for the compliment! Glad you dug it!!

Grant said...

As much as I like this one, my favorite horror-oriented Bugs Bunny cartoon is that Jekyll and Hyde parody (though I can't even think of its name).

EEGAH!! said...

I've got so many unsorted cartoons Grant, I'll have to see if that one is in the bunch somewhere! Getting free stuff is cool, keeping it organized is another story!

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