Friday, October 21, 2016


Welp, it's time to show off some vintage pics of Halloween Cuties, just for you!!.. We would be remiss if we neglected to include such a cool post! Early Treat Time!!.. Here, Kitty, Kitty!

This is one of my favorites, great shadows make for some interesting spooky imagery!

We love Witches, some are very cute, like this gal. She's got her broom and big ol' punkins!

That's some interesting Halloween garb, she's holding her hat, surrounded by all her pals!

It's about pumpkins, they get ripe right around Halloween. Who in the Hell came up with carving scary/goofy faces into these big orange gourdes anyway?

This good Witch sits on her giant (not real) pumpkin, waiting for the Great Pumpkin to arrive.

Let us not forget Black Cats! Gots two of them myself, Boo and Moon! They cross my path many times every day, and, I only have a little bad luck!

This cute Witch is stirring her cauldron full of magical ingredients. M-m-m-m... Tasty!

Now, this is my kind of Witch, very sexy, showing us how she rides her broom on Halloween!

Here we have a very nice shot, love those cool bat wings she's showing off!

Wow, this pic is very trippy, you gotta love that freakin' spook's shadow! Watch out girl!!

This stylish Witch is just lounging on her big pumpkin with her feet on some dry corn stalks.

Very odd is what I'd say about this one. Those are some fairly weird monster heads there!

We'll end with this terrific shot of our pretty feline Witch posing on her huge pumpkin with the shadow of a hissing Black Cat at top... I love the use of shadows, an interesting way to approach the subject! So, we're back tomorrow with more Halloween Countdown, here, at The Dungeon!!


Grant said...

It would be nice to know the year of that next-to-last photo. It has a real Pre-Code movie look to it (especially considering the cleavage!).

MDG14450 said...

In the last pic, the "cat" on the pumpkin is Lily Munster: Yvonne Decarlo.

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