Monday, October 17, 2016


Let's have a look at some fun pics from the past, they deserve a little time here at The Dungeon Halloween Countdown!

I freakin' love this shot, looks like it's from the thirties. This has to be the golden age of trick-or-treating, great costumes and excitement you can cut wif' a rubber knife!.. Go, kids!!

Here, we have Popeye, Uncle Sam and a skeleton, can't go wrong with those! Also looks like the little kid in front is going as an OUR GANG buddy.

This photo looks like it's from the late fifties, early sixties. You've got spacemen, The Phantom, the devil, some whatzits and a bunny wabbit!

It's lots of fun on both sides of the door at this mad house!

Heaven forbid if there's not enough candy to go around for this horde of little monsters!

Here's a Halloween costume lineup at a high school gym, love the shock mask in front!

Boys are Little Devils!..

Boys are Little Monsters!!..

But, Girls are Little Witches!!!.. Eegah!! and I fall into the 'Monster' category.

I like these very weird costumes, the clothing is freakin' insane!!

This one reminds me of something me and Eegah!! might come up with just for the halibut, a deadly duo going door to door for free treats!

And, for all the poor kids, well, creativity can trump $$$!.. For just a measley 13 cents, you can come up with costumes for the whole danged family!

This photo's pretty funny, how pathetic! What a poor excuse for a robot, I feel sorry for the kid! Cute in an ironic way.

We would go to our elementary school's Halloween festival, this was one of the things we'd participate in. I swear, this is totally impossible to do!!

Then, like in the eighties, Halloween became a little more edgy!..

Let us not forget the adults, they like to dress up and go to Halloween events too!..

And, to top the whole thing off, here's a special pic of costume design gone off the tracks, Halloween or otherwise!.. Enjoy!

Check back Wednesday for more Halloween Countdown, here, at The Dungeon!!

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