Monday, August 8, 2016


Here's part 2 of our adventures, part 1 concentrated on high school, this one takes place from 1965 to the present, after Girls and the British Music Invasion became our main focus...

This is a photo of us (skinny dudes) after we took a trip with my parents and sisters to my aunt's house in the Valley Of The Moon in northern California in our new 1965 Dodge Dart. The Beatles were a huge influence by that time.

Eegah's first car was a 1956 six cylinder stick shift Chevy, he had it painted gray with white rims at Color Galore. Ah, the good old days.

In 1967, my dad bought me a new VW for $2150, he got pissed off when the first thing I did was pull off the hub caps! This was my third car, I had already had a '53 Ford and a '57 Chevy.

Here we are doing some rock star poses in 1967, love this picture!

Eegah!! sent me this Polaroid of him standing in snow in his sandals to show that he was still a weirdo!

I ended up in a print shop in Germany. Here's I am having a little fun!

I also liked to drive my big box around in the barracks to impress everyone!

Then, in the eighties I went to a Halloween party in 1986 as a weird werewolf, and, all I remember is that it was itchy!

Eegah!! came up with this weird costume for a Halloween party around 2005, a triple large size tyvek coverall, a wire belt with hockey masks. When we got there, everyone kept away from us, big time! Clever!

We had our public access show, OFFBEAT, in 1994-5. Our band, Hermanos Guzanos, supplied the music for our Offbeatniks persona for the show. Everything was great until until it took a nose dive after 10 episodes.

Here's the nice poster I made we had for the premiere of our second movie in 2003, SILVER ANGEL vs. THE DEATH ZOMBIES, modeled off a Mexican Neutron flick. Love this one! Anyway, everything was great until we were working on our fourth movie and the whole thing came crashing down, again! Trying to get creative things done in the town we live in is like pulling a newborn's teeth!! It's just plain anti-art.

Forry was the host in our first movie, THE CREEP, in 2001. What a great place to stop. Now, what in the Hell will Eegah!! have for us on Wednesday, I wonder.


Dr. Theda said...

Cool bit of background on you Guys...
Thanks for sharing
A great week to you guys...
and Hello from Marshville...

Anonymous said...

As always, excellent background stuff on you guys. I love the rock star pose photo... it perfectly encapsulates the era. Who would have thought 50 years would go by in the blink of an eye.

regards from Australia,


TABONGA! said...

Thanks Doc, Thanks Paul - We've really had a ton of fun over the years, lucky!

zillagord said...

Big smiles over here in ZillaVille. Thanks for posting this.

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