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BURKE'S LAW - Gene Barry - Season 03, Episode 01 - "Balance Of Terror" (1965)

The 1950's and the early 60's were dominated by Cowboy/Western movies and TV shows, so when one of your heroes like Gene Barry as Bat Masterson crossed over into a genre like Spy/Secret Agent, it was a big deal!

This is the first episode of Season 03 of "Burke's Law!" For the first two seasons, every episode started with "Who Killed...........?"
Like Who Killed Mr. X, or Who Killed The Eleventh Best Dressed Woman In The World..........
Season 03, they changed it up! This first episode was titled "Balance Of Terror!"

Gene Barry, what a guy, he did it all!

Even Tabonga makes a guest appearance in this episode of "Burke's Law!

No time for small talk, let's get down to some action!!

You probably didn't even know that a Mercedes hood ornament could be used as a sight gauge on a high-powered weapon!

"Burke's Law" wasn't prudish by any means!

Pretty wild for 1963 American TV, Burke tells her to turn over so he can grease up her other side, but she insists he re-attach her bikini strap first!

Gene Barry rocked it for a good many years!

If you mess with a bull like Amos Burke, you are definitely going to get a big chunk of the horns!

Here's some of the folks that flesh out this great cast! 
Will Kuluva was in two episodes of "The Twilight Zone," "The Mirror," and "The New Exhibit!"

Gerald (The Angry Red Planet) Mohr was also in a ton of cowboy TV shows and movies including "Bat Masterson!"

Susanne Cramer died mysteriously at the age of 32! She went into a private clinic and never came back out! Weirdsville!

Among many other things, Carl Benton Reid was THE MAN in 16 episodes of "Burke's Law!"

That's it! I am flat-ass outta time!

SMILE! You're on "Candid Camera!!!"


TC said...

It started as "Burke's Law," with Barry's character as an LAPD (or maybe it was Beverly Hills) detective. In 1965-66, it became "Amos Burke-Secret Agent," with him working for the CIA or some such spy agency. He would arrive at the airport and board a plane, where he would receive instructions from "The Man."

Spy-fi (James Bond, Man From U.N.C.L.E., etc.) was the big fad at that time, and they were obviously trying to jump on that band wagon. But the show had lasted two seasons as a detective story/murder mystery, and it only lasted half a season (about 16 or 17 episodes) as a spy thriller, so maybe they should have left well enough alone. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Anne Francis appeared in one episode as private eye Honey West, and then starred as Honey in a spin-off series that ran for one season on ABC.

Will Kuluva was a regular as Robert Brown's sidekick on "Primus," an adventure show in 1971.

Barry reprised his role when Burke's Law was revived on CBS in 1994. In that series, Burke was back with the city police department, as chief of detectives.

Unknown said...

Will Kaluva also played the head of U.N.C.L.E. (the role later played by Leo G. Carroll) in the pilot for that series.

EEGAH!! said...

Thanx Larry!

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