Saturday, July 30, 2016


Really, this whole concept has been a no-brainer from start to finish, loads of fun, but lots of work! It should be interesting to see how far it goes!
Welcome to another Saturday night in The Dungeon! 
Once again, there's no rhyme, and no reason, just one man's opinion, but I think you'll find it difficult to disagree!!!

#76 - Rossana Yanna - "Küss Mich, Monster" "Fangs Of The Living Dead"

#77 - Rossana Podestà - "The Seven Dwarfs To The Rescue" "Horror Castle" "Seven Golden Men"

#78 - Stephanie Powers - "The Girl From U.N.C.L.E." "Experiment In Terror"

#79 - Susan Strasberg -"Scream Of Fear" "The Trip" "Psych-Out"

#80 - Tina Louise - "Gilligan"s Island" "The Wrecking Crew"

#81 - Virginia Leith - "The Brain That Wouldn't Die" "On The Threshold Of Space"

#82 - Greta Thyssen - "Terror Is A Man" "Journey To The Seventh Planet"

#83 - Janice Rule - "The Ambushers" "The Swimmer"

#84 - Janine Reynaud - "Küss Mich, Monster" "Succubus"

#85 - Joan Chandler - "Rope" "Dragstrip Riot"

 #86 - Lee Meriwether - Miss America 1955 - "4D Man" "Batman: The Movie" "Star Trek"

#87 - Linda Hayden - "Baby Love" "The Blood On Satan's Claw"

#88 - Mamie Van Doren - The third member of the 'Blonde Bombshell" trilogy that included Marilyn Monroe, and Jayne Mansfield! "The Girl In Black Stockings" "Guns, Girls, And Gangsters"

#89 - Marie Windsor - "Cat-Women Of The Moon" "The Day Mars Invaded Earth" "Chamber Of Horrors"

#90 - Marla English - "The She-Creature" "Voodoo Woman"

#91 - Quinn O'Hara - "A Swingin' Summer" "The Ghost In The Invisible Bikini"

#92 - Acquanetta - "Captive Wild Woman" "Jungle Woman"

#93 - Adriana Ambesi - "Crypt Of The Vampire" "Secret Agent Super Dragon"

#94 -  Dominique Boschero - "The Fantastic Argoman" "Ulysses Against Hercules"

 #95 - Beverly Adams - "How To Stuff A Wild Bikini" Lovey Kravezit in the Matt Helm films!

#96 - Dana Wynter - "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers"

 #97 - Danièle Gaubert - "The Golden Claws Of The Cat Girl"

 #98 - Edwige Fenech - "The Case Of The Bloody Iris" "Strip Nude For Your Killer"

#99 - Gail Russell - "The Uninvited" "The Unseen"

#100 - Ursula Andress - "Slave Of The Cannibal God" "Dr. No"
These 25 actresses make it a cool 100, so if you figure they have an average of 30 movie and TV appearances each (and I think that's an estimate on the low side), you only need to watch about 3000 TV shows and movies to catch up! Better get crackin'!


TC said...

Stefanie Powers was cute as a bug, but the spy-fi fad was reaching its saturation point in 1966, and The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. may have just gotten lost in the crowd.

Gail Russell was married to Guy Madison ("Wild Bill Hickok," "The Beast of Hollow Mountain"), and she co-starred with John Wayne in a couple of movies. There were rumors that she and Wayne had a fling, which is about as close as the Duke ever got to a sex scandal.

Janice Rule was sexy, although I think she aimed at being more of a serious actress than a babe. She seemed out of place in a Matt Helm movie. I usually liked her even when she played unsympathetic characters, although, in The Ambushers, I liked Senta Berger better. But then, with the Helm movies, I always liked the villainesses better than the heroines, anyway.

Ursula Andress has the distinction of being in the first James Bond movie (Dr. No), a Bond spoof (the 1967 Casino Royale), and she was mentioned by name in Ian Fleming's novel On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

There was a 1989 biopic starring Charles Dance as Ian Fleming. Near the end, a middle-aged couple walk out of a theater after having seen "Dr. No." The wife says that the movie was not as good as the book. The husband says, "I rather liked it, actually." The wife snorts, "You liked that girl on the beach!"

EEGAH!! said...

As much as I'd like to throw out more info, I just don't have the time! Good Stuff TC! Thanx!

Grant said...

Even though I'm sure the movie gets a bad rap, I've always like Janice Rule in THE SUBTERRANEANS. Her character is maybe the closest thing to a completely stereotyped beatnik in the story (she even does a spontaneous interpretive dance at one point).

And of course I've always liked Quinn O'Hara as the nearsighted femme fatale (!) in GHOST IN THE INVISIBLE BIKINI.

R. Claude said...

Quelle belle galerie crounchy !

EEGAH!! said...

Merci Claude! Also, thanx for the "She Trinity" link, I had never heard them before. Great track!

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