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A TRIBUTE TO CARL HEINZ JAFFÉ - Part Three - The Brit-Cop TV Shows

 Welcome to Part III of our Dungeon tribute to the one and only Carl Heinz Jaffé, enabled once again by his Grandson Michael, who was kind enough to provide us with all this material!
Isn't this a great portrait??

I've learned a lot about Carl Jaffé over the last few weeks, and I'll tell you one thing, he was the consummate actor! He loved what he was doing, and he was very happy to be working in a trade of his choice, and it shows in all his work! Long before movies or TV, Carl was a stage actor. This is a great shot of him in costume circa 1934,  probably in Berlin!

But let's get to the action, in 1957 Carl was in a short film called "The Case Of The Smiling Widow," one of 39 short films in the "Scotland Yard" series made between 1953 and 1961, and distributed as cinema B features! Carl had the role of an art dealer named Christopher Nicholls!
 This poster is courtesy of The Radio Sounds Familiar Website!

"Here is a rare never before seen PR still from the episode" courtesy of Michael Jaffé!

In 1959, Carl was in season two, episode six of the TV series titled "The Third Man! This episode was called "Barcelona Passage," and his character was named Jahn! The star of the series was Michael (The Day The Earth Stood Still) Rennie!

In the 1960 Patrick McGoohan series titled "Danger Man," episode two titled "Time To Kill," Carl had the role of a Professor Barkoff!

In Michael's own words more or less - "CHJ starred in several brit cop-shows in the 50's that were also anglo-US TV station productions. He would usually be cast as the mysterious foreigner with a certain continental style, or sometimes as a suspicious, or even petty-criminal wise-guy."
"From 1961, here is "The Square Mile Murder" from the "Scotland Yard" - series of dramatic TV episodes introduced by ex-brit 'Scotland Yard" dick Edgar Lustgarten; doing a kind of Alfred Hitchcock mystery intro to each programme... all made at the English Merton Park studios (sadly demised since 1967)."

 "The guy 3rd from right holding CHJ's arm is Mr. Stanley Morgan; who among other claims to fame was the croupier who leaned over Sean Connery's 007 shoulder in Dr. No to give him a message. The above photo is from my own private collection BUT: Stanley Morgan has the titled PR image on his website." - Michael Jaffé

"The Spanish poster for the Scotland Yard Film "The Case of the Smiling Widow" is clearly important enough to the Spanish Cultural Attaché for it to have a place in the Spanish Cultural Archive...!" 
Carl Jaffé was a fascinating man with 88 acting credits to his name, and over the last few weeks we've touched on only 11 of them, hopefully one of these days his autobiography will be released, and the whole story will be told! Thanks again Michael!

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Thanks or the postings, gentlemen... I hope your summary comments have offered your viewers at least a flavour of the amazingly varied entertainment world of Carl H. Jaffé... perhaps there will be some more episodes soon; so remember: be sure to tune in, same page... same channel.. for more exclusive pictures and stories! from The Professor

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