Saturday, May 16, 2015


I hate being redundant, but I do like saying "Rosin on bow, and here we go!! So, let's rock! It's time for another Super Saturday Night Special sponsored by those loving fellows at CULT ACTION!

Tonight we're gonna dig deep into the catacombs of The Dungeon, with a sequel to the ever popular "Lionman" film, "Lionman II: The Witchqueen!" Why it's a sequel beats the Hell out of me, it doesn't seem to have much in common with the first film except for being Turkish, but with movies like this, that's a moot point!

 Here he is: Frank Morgan as LIONMAN!!
Frank's real name is Fevzi Mengen! That's close!

 Wannabe King, and long lost member of The Village People, is Eris Akman, as Mr. Belisarius! 
For various reasons, he hates Lionman! Eris has a film in pre-production right now called "Bizim Batman!" If "Lionman II" is any indication, then I'm sure it's going to be great!

Here she is, the Witchqueen herself, presenting Dee Taylor as Rheaslivia! As it turns out, this was Dee's only role ever! I can't imagine why!

This is a much better look for Rheaslivia! By the way, those stupid looking balls on Belisarius's shoulders are not just for decoration, they're dangerous weapons!!

 After a big feast, and a lot of wine, Lionman and his son like to play this little game, kind of like William Tell, but...........................

..............Instead of putting the arrow on the kid's head, they put it behind his head!

 Lionman's wife Tania, the loving Mother of his child, enjoys this show immensely! Crystal Williams plays Tania in the sole outing in her acting career!

 The fun part of the trick is that the boy moves at the last second, and instead of piercing his brain, the arrow goes into the apple! And this is the kid's favourite thing! Silly boy!

The Witchqueen can see everything through the eyes of a hawk she has spying on her enemies! Seriously, that collar has got to go!

The Witchqueen puts a spell on Lionman that renders hm useless until one of the stupid guards gets overzealous with one of those spears and draws blood! That kind of idiocy breaks the spell!

"I am Lionman, hear me roar!!!"

These stupid guards look like refugees from Goon Island! I swear those helmets are made out of cardboard!

William Hardy (his real name) has the role of the big lummox Angel!
William was a genuine professional actor who hailed from Houston, Texas! Here his line is, "You hit me on the head!" and then he proceeds to pulverize the guy who did it!

Here's a decent shot of Lionman and his three best buddies, Angel, Chimp, and Foxy! Chimp is an acrobat, and Foxy is a short, fat, deaf mute who is a good fighter! Chimp is played by Nik Stuart in his only ever role, and Foxy is played by Nigel Adams in his sole outing also!

 Geologically speaking, Turkey is a very interesting place with a real variety of landscapes!

 I think Lionman might have been a real contender in the MMA!

 "Darn! I am so mad right now! You shot my beloved  Belisarius! I curse you Lionman!"

Attack of the giant blue agave plant! Margaritas are on the house!

After Lionman shoots an arrow through the Witchqueen's hawk, she is destroyed! At the end of the movie, it says there will be another sequel called "Lionman: Ring Of The Magus," but unfortunately for us all, it never materialized!
Thanks Cult Action!!!


TABONGA! said...

Wow, that apple behind the head arrow trick is pretty freakin' weird!

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Monster Music
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