Wednesday, May 13, 2015

ENIGMA ROSSO - Riz Ortolani - "Trauma" (1978)

Welcome back to another Warped Wednesday the 13th down in The Dungeon!

And when I say warped, I mean it! This film is so twisted, they couldn't even figure out what to call it! The original title is "Enigma Rosso," and it must have really been an enigma, because they tried every trick in the book to sell it! The version I was able to acquire is simply called "Trauma," and it shouldn't be confused with the 1962 title "Trauma," nor either of the 1976 releases with the same name, or any of the other seven "Trauma" titles that have come out over the years!

It's also been released as "Red Rings Of Fear," and plain old "Rings Of Fear!"

And it's been released as "Nemesis,"  "Virgin Killer, and "Virgin Terror!"

In an effort to be totally original, the main location for most of the killing is a religious school for girls!

And that allows for shower scenes, and a boob count of somewhere around 50 if I had to guess!

Will this strange cat icon on a pair of jeans reveal any clues?

A white horse goes crazy and throws it's rider when it gets shot in the ass with this dart!

The music in this thrillfest was created by the omnipotent Maestro Riz Ortolani! Riz was one of those slacker musician types who only managed to rack up 228 composing credits! You can read about four of them by searching for Riz on the sidebar! His funky 70's music could possibly be the highlight of this film, and if you don't believe me, then take a listen to this!

The body count just keeps piling higher!

Still working today, Fabio (Whatever Happened To Solange?) Testi is Inspector Gianni Di Salvo, the man in charge of putting all the pieces of this puzzle together! I liked this one scene where he's wearing his cat!

 From girl's school to abortion clinic!

 Inspector Di Salvo has a unique way of getting answers to difficult questions! He doesn't screw around with penny ante things like waterboarding, he just takes the perp on a terrifying roller coaster ride, and doesn't quit until he gets some answers!

 This cute little girl is not any way near as sweet as she looks!

And this happy ending is bittersweet and not exactly satisfying!

This poster from the original title looks like it's from a James Bond movie! 
It's all just a little strange, and that, my friends, is why you find movies like this in 50 movie packs for next to nothing!


TABONGA! said...

I love those 50 packs, I have 12 of them plus a 100 pack, a 150 episode vintage serial collection, the Flash Gordon and the Sci-Fi TV collection, all but 1 from Mill Creek - Now, that's what I call endless cheap entertainment!

Anonymous said...

The first poster reads ENIGMA ROJO not ROSSO. Rojo means "red: in Spanish.
Prof. Bird-Eyes

Grant said...

I definitely agree about those Mill Creek sets. They're a real dream come true.

EEGAH!! said...

Dream come true, or a nightmare, depending on your viewpoint!

EEGAH!! said...

Hey Anonymous! Red is Rojo in Spanish, and Red is Rosso in Italian! Same difference, and it translates to Red Enigma or Red Puzzle, a literary translation that was never used as an English title. The top poster is from Columbia!

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