Monday, May 18, 2015

ALIENS / Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation - 1986

Here we go with a new week of mayhem, here at The Dungeon!.. Here's my favorite of the Alien flicks, this time Ripley joins a team of rowdy Space Marines on a rescue mission to the now partially terraformed planet LV-426 to find out why all communication with the colony there has been lost.

We have a little scary fun sound clip for your approval, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button located there by our empty alien pod, NOW, Ralphie The Tarantula!.. Here's... ALIENS!

Here we are on LV-426 before the mystery begins, there's a small colony of workers trying to terraform it into a habitable planet for future generations.

But, there's a problem. A few of the people go exploring the planet and eventually come across the giant spaceship from the original movie and all Hell breaks out after they explore a cave and make a terrifying discovery.

So, when contact is lost with the colony, a team of Space Marines is sent to see WTF! is up.

After they get out of hibernation, the gang stretch and get ready for the landing on LV-426.

To kill some time before the landing, Bill Paxton's unwilling character plays this little knife game with the robot played by Lance Henriksen!

Bill gets all the best lines in the sound clip. Here they are making the drop into the atmosphere of their destination, LV-426.

After the crew lands safely they start investigating the complex for clues. They find quite a few in the lab besides the melted iron grates in the industrial area.

Then, Ripley discovers little Newt who has been hiding successfully from the deadly creatures.

In order to save the Marines from the attacking nightmares, Ripley pilots the troop transport in one wild ride through the tunnels!

Here's something you never want to see, an empty container that had a live facehugger in it!!

The things capture and hide Newt in their slime but Ripley finds and rescues her from a fate worse than death. One note, I don't understand why the slime here doesn't burn her skin considering what their drool can do...

To make sure that this batch of pods doesn't cause any more problems, Ripley torches them!

Holy shit!!.. Mama Alien is really pissed off, Ripley killing her little things and all. So, now she wants to settle the score with our heroine!

These two shots are totally amazing... 'Nuf said!!

Anyway, Ripley and the monster fight it out good on the spaceship, but Mama Alien and the machine fall into a receiving pod where again, Ripley has to get away from the thing while it has her foot and press the button that opens the door where the vacuum finally pulls the poor thing out into space, bringing our story to an end... Be back Wednesday when we return with more fun from The Dungeon!!

This just in from our Dungeon mate Greg Goodsell - Hollywood stalwart Eric Caidin of Hollywood Book & Poster has passed away. We will miss you Eric...

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